Wonder Festival 2010 (Winter)

Well, Wonder Festival has come and gone, tons of photos are floating around the Net and many sites with great coverage content.  I finally had some time to go through some sites and photos of upcoming figures.Firstly, I just have to say how much I hate this – simply because it’s going to burn a deeper hole in my wallet.  :-(

Secondly, I need to give credit to where it’s due, most photos were taken from great sites like FooBarBaz.jp and DannyChoo.com who were lucky enough to be able to attend the event.  Other photos were taken from wcloudxkumo’s blog, although I think he got the pics from elsewhere too, but there’s got a ton of info on the makers, figure names and release dates.

Thirdly, and most importantly, if you’re reading this, please be warned that there are NSFW content below.  So please refrain from reading this post if you’re at an unsuitable location or if you’re underage!

That said, here’s a list of the few figures that caught my eyes while sorting through photos, I hope I have these figure info correct, but if you notice anything that may be in error, please let me know!  For more extensive event coverage, check out the sites mentioned above or just search in Google, there are lots of great info and pics out there ( lucky them -_-’ )!!!


Ranka Lee (Super Dimensional Cinderella): New Ranka figure as part of the Excellent Model line-up. I think this’ll probably be the best Ranka figure yet. And interestingly, she’ll have cast-off clothing… ^_~

Sheryl Nome (red movie version): For those of you who missed out on the previous release of Sheryl in her blue concert uniform, here’s a re-release of her in red! Also, it looks like her bikini top (under the cast-off uniform) will be pink instead of black like the previous version. Aside from the colour, I don’t see any difference, so I most likely won’t pick this version up as I have the blue one already.


KOS-MOS: Alter’s my favourite figure company at the moment.  There’s a lot to be said about their sculpts and paint qaulity.  The majority of my figures are by Alter with my favourite being KOS-MOS v4.  Who doesn’t like KOS-MOS?  Sorting through the Wonder Fest photos, I saw that Alter’s coming out with an “action figure” KOS-MOS.  Looks like she’ll be coming with an assortment of accessories … sweet!

Fate Testarossa: I’ve sort of jumped on the MGLN bandwagon lately, although I don’t know much about the series at all, but the figures are done really well!  Looks like Alter is coming out with a new Fate based on the movie.  It looks interesting, but since I already have the previous Fate (Shin Sonic Form) figure, I’m not sure if I’d be inclined to get this new one.  She does look pretty kick-ass with that large axe-like weapon though.  Can’t wait to see the painted version!

Hayate Yagami: I’m not sure which version of Hayate is based on, but again, it’s another make of a previous release.  The pose seems a bit more cheerful in this one, and I might pick it up (just because of Reinforce II) since I missed out on the previous release – which I don’t feel like spending $200-$300 on in the secondary market.  Blah!

Nanoha Takamachi: And another release of Nanoha herself.  I think this version is called “Stand By Mode” which should be released soon (if not already).  I’ll pass on this one too since I got the previous Exceed Mode, but it’s definitely something to keep an eye on if you missed out on the previous version.

Saber Lily: I’m not into the maid stuff, but I am definitely considering this figure.  What sold me was the amount of detail in her clothing and the mini-Saber which I hope will come with the package.

Sylvaria Bles: The bad girl from Valkyria Chronicles never looked so good!  There were a couple Sylvaria figures that were released by other companies previously, but none of those look as good as this one.  I can’t wait to see the painted version and will definitely pick it up if/when it’s available.  I don’t know why there aren’t more Valkyria Chronicles figures around, Alicia, Rosie, Edy, they would all make great figures.


Rider: I’m also not into Figma figures all that much, but fans of Fate/Stay seem to be waiting on a good Rider figure and this one from Figma seems pretty good – if you’re into Figma too, that is.  =P

Dark Saber: Watch out for evil Saber!  Kind of reminds me of Darth Vader… there was an Alter figure of Dark Saber before, but I missed out on that too.  Saw one or two for sale but they cost an arm and a leg!  This Figma version of Dark Saber definitely looks interesting though and should go well with the Figma Saber – duel, duel, duel!!!


Ryofu Housen: The next figure that caught my attention was Ryofu Housen from the series Ikki Tousen.  I’ve seen a ton of these figures around and I think all companies have pretty much milked these characters to death, but if the money keeps on rolling, I guess so will the figures.  I’ve never watched this series either but have seen the name before, checked out the background and was surprised that the characters are loosely based on those of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  Being a history nut and a RTK fan, this got me interested so I might actually check this series out in the future (even though it doesn’t really have any affliation with RTK aside from the character persona).  Oh yeah, about the figure… what actually caught my attention to this sculpt of Ryofu was the pose, hair and look.  It really reminded me of a picture that I took of an ex-girlfriend (long time ago).  LOL  And look, they have a limited edition too!  I hate when they have these limited / exclusive figures.  But either black or purple version look okay to me so I might pick up a purple one – due to be released in March.


Black RockShooter (Anime Version): Okay, does anyone else remember when’s the last time GSC produced a non Vocoloid figure?  LOL  So this anime version of BRS comes shortly after the original and Blade version.  While I do like the more dynamic pose of this figure, I don’t know if I’ll be getting another BRS when it’s similar to the previous release.  Also, the blue flame in the photos below looks more like her eye was gouged out and blue blood is leaking out of the socket.  Eeeeww! Update:  Thanks to Aka for pointing out I posted the wrong figure – guess this may be a garage kit version.  After taking a look at the picture again, I also noticed she’s holding a blade rather than her huge cannon.  Oops!

Here are some actual images of the BRS anime version, the blue flame is looking much better, although part of it still looks kind of like her eye got gouged out.  =P  It just has a different feeling than the previous version where she’s just standing.

Kyrie Rason: From Valkyrie Complex, which once again, I know nothing about, but this figure definitely looks interesting.  The spear and shield combo is a win as well as the dynamic pose.  I prefer my figures sculpted as in mid action as I think they look much livelier.  The colour scheme is also pretty good – not sure when her release is but I’m pretty sure I’ll put in an order when she’s released.

Hatsune Miku (WF Exclusive): That’s right, another Miku nandoroid, this time she’s in blue and white with snowflake patterns.  Aside from the colour and snowflakes, there doesn’t look like much difference than the previously released Miku nandoroids.  But since I’m a fan of the colour scheme and don’t have any nandoroids, I’ve put in an order for this Miku which I should be receiving in a week or two.  From some other pictures that I’ve seen, it seems like she comes with an alternative face and the two sticks of green onions or leeks?  Not sure what those veggie things are that she carries around.  LOL

Hatsune Miku (Love is War): Another Miku figure – is anyone out there really surprised?  This one, however, sports a massive display base.  How the heck it’s gonna fit anywhere is beyond me!  If those speakers actually work and can play media files from a memory stick that would be so awesome.  Her facial expression is a little “off” though, she looks rather angry, almost to the point like she wants to jump over and whack you over the head with her megaphone.  Still gotta wait and see the paint job though – but I’m sure it’ll be pretty good, deserving of this figure.  It’ll probably cost an insane amount of money (especially shipping costs) too.  =P

Saber (Lily): Two more Saber figures from GSC, Golden Caliburn (left) and Triumphant Excalibur (right).  I think most folks will pass on the Golden Caliburn version due to the fact it’s basically the Distant Avalon version with a slight variant.  But for those that missed the previous release, this is your chance to pick up a great Saber figure.  Out of the two, Triumphant Excalibur will probably do better due to the more dynamic pose and that it’s different than the previous release.  I’ve put a pre-order in for this version already – can’t wait!  =)


Kan’u Unchou (Venus version):  I think this one came totally out of left field, at least for me.  It’s not your typical Ikki Tousen figure (aside from the lack of clothing) and I think it’s a unique take for this figure.  Not sure what scale it is, but it looks pretty big – I’d be interested to see the painted version.  I can just picture taking a photo of this figure with Botticelli’s Birth of Venus as the backdrop (although that’ll probably clash).  ^_^’


Alfin (Umbrio): Great looking figure, first saw the pre-order for it at HLJ’s site.  I almost made the pre-order but decided not to in the end.  Can’t say why, but something inside me told me I’ll live knowing I’ve passed on this figure.  I do like the looks, but my budget is pretty tight now and it’s not one I’d consider a must-have.  But it still looks great!  =)

Erika Hartmann: Not familiar with Strike Witches either, but I just know they hold guns and have plane-like fuselage on their legs.  ^_~  I love planes, especially those from WWI and WWII so these figures are winners to me.  I haven’t gotten any of them though and I don’t think I ever will due to the fact there’s so many of them and if I get one, I’d want to collect them all.  I just don’t have the resources to do that right now.  Of the Strike Witches displayed at WF, Erika stood out the most to me mainly because of her Luftwaffe uniform and the MG42.

Xecty Ein (Army version): From the Shining series, Xecty is shown in her army uniform here.  What caught my attention is the amount of detail on this figure.  Hope Kotobukiya can pull off a quality end product – I’ve placed a pre-order for this figure already. ^_^

Xecty Ein (EVE version):  Not sure why they didn’t have this version of the figure on display at WF, I’ve seen some prototype pics floating around the net already.  I’ve placed an order for this version as well, thought the colour combo looks pretty cool and that it would go well with the army version I ordered.


Hatsune Miku: Seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this figure, can’t wait till the June release.  Not too sure about the green hair, but it’s on my list of figures to get.  I’m sure it’ll be a great figure to do some photo shoots of.  The more mature look is a pleasant change from all the cutesy Miku figures floating around at the moment.

Kagamine Rin: A great companion piece to the above Miku, this take on Rin also sports a more mature look.  She looks pretty bad ass with that guitar (or bass) – not too sure what she plays.


Klan Klang: This one is a must get for me, as I’m a huge Macross fan.  ^_^’  Although I’m not too keen on the size of Klan’s twin torpedoes, having a figure of her with the super packs on will go great with the rest of my Valkyries and Macross stuff on display.  It’s also a tribute to one of the more touching scenes in Macross Frontier.

Sheryl Nome N.A. (shining pink version): A Hobby Japan exclusive, this version of the N.A. Sheryl comes in a blue, silver and pink colour scheme.  I’m a sucker for the blue and silver schemes and for Sheryl, so I’ll most likely try to get one of this even though I already have the original version.


Aegis: A figure from Persona 3, and this figure may be a garage kit too, not 100% sure.  Some say this is by Cospa and others say Resinya, haven’t seen any accurate report yet so I’m just going to go along with Resinya for now. But this figure definitely looks unique as well as the insanely large and detailed base she’s standing on.  If it comes out as a pre-painted figure, I may consider getting one too.


SDF-1 Macross: A massive 1/2000 scale SDF-1, HOLY CRAP!!!  Think that’s huge?  Well, so is the price tag of ~$2500.  Yeah, HOLY CRAP!!!  I think this model kit is somewhere around 60cm long and is fully transformable.  I LOVE Macross, but there’s no way I’d get this ($$$), plus word has it all orders have already been filled and no more are to be produced (at the moment).

VF-11C:  I don’t think this was displayed at WF, but I just had to put it in the list here as one of my must-haves.  Due to be released in a few days (Feb. 20, 2010), it should be in my hands soon to sit along its brother, the VF-11B.  =D

Here’s a list of figures that I saw but don’t know the makers and/or the character…

Girl with Bones Armor: Not sure who she is, but this figure caught my attention due to the amount of details – pretty impressive!

Maid with Gun Case: A girl sitting in a gun case with an MP5K and what seems like a Glock 19.  Don’t care for the maid costume, but thought this was a pretty interesting figure.  Notice the pistol mag between her legs??  =P

Girl Listening to Music: Dunno about this one either, but she might be a garage kit (darn).  But I really love the pose and realistic looking sculpt of the figure.  I can think of a ton of photo ideas using this figure as a still life subject.

Blue Hatsune Miku: A blue coloured Miku?! She looks different from the other Miku figures and the colour scheme looks pretty good. Not sure if this is a garage kit or PVC figure.

Sheryl Nome (in flight suit): This Sheryl is so hot, but once again, I think it may be a garage kit too.  One thing I don’t like about this figure is that she looks a little overweight (in all proportions of her body) for a Sheryl figure.  Just compare the figure to the picture of Sheryl in the background!

Fate Testarossa: I’m not too sure which Fate this is but I like the pose (the sword wielding part anyway)!  Her breasts look a little too big though and once again, she may be a garage kit?

Saber Lily: Another Saber figure!  I think this one may be by GIFT?  The armor is fairly detailed, compared the the smooth armor in most other Saber figures.  I also like the pose and her facial expression.


Shoujo (Straberry Girl): I just don’t get this figure.  It doesn’t make any sense (pose wise).  I’m not into ero figures either,  but I pre-ordered her anyway.  LOL  Probably for the fact that these Native figures may become some sort of collector items in the future.  I’ve seen some of the previous releases already have their prices marked up by 100-300% the original value.  Yeek!

Satoshi Tomo: I think this is the figure’s name.  When I saw it in the event coverage photos, it was… different.  So I’m putting this up in the list mainly as a shock factor figure.  =P  Dunno about that green slime she’s taking a bath in though – why do they always use this green gel for these tub displays?  The same was for the Kan’u in a tub figure, the promo used green gel as well.  ^_~  Where would anyone display this figure?

Last, but not least, I came across this freakish picture of Pooh.  What the hell’s wrong with him?  He looks possessed!  I think I’m going to have nightmares…

Well, that’s pretty much it for my list – be sure to check out some of the other sites like OMGWebsite, PolyVinylCrush, DeathSeeker’s blog, etc. for their interesting lists as well!