Volks: Kaguya Nanbu

Princess or werecow? It might be a tough call! Kaguya Nanbu, from the game Super Robot Wars OG: Endless Frontier, is often criticized for the way she’s dressed and her 100cm bust size (according to Aschen). But seriously, I – for one – am not going to hold it against her. Especially with the surprise this figure holds. ^_~

note: following contents may be NSFW

I was really surprised when I saw that there was a Kaguya Nanbu figure available – I mean, what were the chances someone would make an actual figure of a character from a not-so-popular video game? Well, to be fair, it’s not all that popular here in North America – I’m not sure how popular this game is in Japan. While Super Robot Wars is pretty popular, I’m not so sure about this spin-off. Even so, I really liked the game on my DS – it had a bunch of interesting characters with a lot of witty conversation dialogues to keep me giggling like a little school girl.

Kaguya is the princess of the Nanbu clan from the world of Kagura Amahara and a master of the Jinraku Tengen style of kenjutsu. Yeah, I know, she doesn’t look like either! I swear, I think I saw her before at a local bar involving a pole and a disco ball. ^_^’ Due to the size of her breasts and the colour of her clothing she was called a werecow by a couple of the characters a number of times (as there were also werefoxes, werecats, etc. in the game).


The funny thing with Kaguya is that she always acts as if she isn’t aware of her body shape, which is good as she retains a level of modesty and that’s one of reasons I find she’s so likeable (and memorable). That said, I’m really glad there’s a figure of her with a good sculpt. I think the facial expression and pose matches her game persona perfectly. At 1/7 scale, Kaguya stands about 28cm tall (feet to raised hand) and is sculpted by Chorosuke (A-Brand). The only disappointment I have with this figure is the poor attention to paint application and many dirty marks on the white part of her dress.

Taking a slightly closer look, you can see the colours are painted well, but the application is a little rough (see the top of her bangs). It seems like the figure wasn’t polished or cleaned off prior to the painting, which is a downer as I really like this figure. But at least the imperfection isn’t as obvious when viewed at a little distance. In the below shot you can’t see the huge sword she’s holding, so with the rope around her raised arms it makes her look a little like a bondage figure. Kinky. ^_^’

I find her eyes are done well and the blue really stands out. Her facial expression also matches her game artwork, which is always a good thing. The skin tone on this figure is slightly warm, so she doesn’t look cold with all the white on her body. Sora Kasugano, with her pale skin tone, produced a feeling of coldness which may be a little uncomfortable when you look at it sometimes. The paint work on her skin is probably also the cleanest paint application on this figure and it’s pretty smooth too.

The closer shots of her body reveals the imperfections more – I don’t know why, but something about the wrinkles in the dress just looks off. It’s rough and certain parts seems like it’s chipped off unexpectedly. Parts of the protruding wrinkles also look a little dirty, as if it was scraped up against a dirty table, floor or whatever. After the photo shoot, I used a Staedtler Mars Eraser to try and clean some of the dirty marks off – and it seemed to work a little. But still, this shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place. The white does have some dark shading to it though, so it’s not just a complete white blob of paint.

The legs are decent, I like how the stocking looks tight which pushes some of her thigh muscle out. The shading on the boots look a little heavy handed ink-washing, but the intended effect is produced when viewing the figure from a distance. I guess Volks intended this figure not to be viewed up close! You can also see part of the insanely large base, which is smaller than Aschen and Suzuka’s base, if that’s any consolation.

I just have to say though, I do like the look of Kaguya when viewing from the side. You get a better view of her figure and her BIG sword. ;-) The high slit on the sides of her dress is pretty revealing, but it also blocks enough to make you ponder. I think that adds to her sex appeal, wielding a big fancy sword is just a bonus!

If I recall correctly, there was one part of the game where Kaguya meets a clone of herself, I think she then asked something along the lines of “Do I really look like that?”, finally realizing just how ample her bust size is (and how she dresses). In the below shot, you can see a slight scratch mark on her body, close to her back. I noticed a few of these markings on her body – Volks didn’t do a really good QC/QA job on this figure. I’m uncertain about the others though.

Due to the angle of her sword and the way her hair is bundled together, it doesn’t block much of the view from behind. The black and red hair is interesting, it looks good although if you really think about it, it’s a little puzzling. When playing the game on a 2D platform, you don’t really take notice of the hair design. You can also see a bit of wrinkles on the back of her stockings as well as a bit of her assets peeking from below her extremely short dress.

Taking a closer look, you can see that her hair is actually two pieces, this seam mark is pretty harsh, and it’s apparent in all other photos of this Kaguya figure that I’ve seen. Not sure why Volks didn’t go for a more subtle approach, it definitely could’ve been done. The hair is very long with the only attachment point being the top of her head. This makes the hair fairly loose and it does wiggle about if you poke and prod at it. If you shake the figure hard enough, the hair feels like it might snap right off. But being a display figure, I don’t think you have to worry too much as long as you’re careful during transportation. The ass is nicely sculpted with some roundness to it, which you can see in the below shot.

One thing I usually take note of is the paint work on the fingernails. You can usually tell a quality figure company from a lower one from the care and attention they pay to painting the nails. On many figures, it’s just usually a blob of paint which may cover the whole finger, but the quality companies actually take the time to put paint where they’re suppose to. So I was rather surprised to see the nails on Kaguya, they were painted decently, not completely accurate, but I would say above average. This was a surprise considering the poor attention to detail / care to other parts of the figure. For some reason, however, the colour of her nail polish reminds me of a stripper. =P

The sword is painted well too, with some nice details on the handle. The sword is pretty light, yet solid, it doesn’t put much pressure on the figure. The sword and hand comes detached from the packaging. The hand snaps into the arm fairly easy and is just the right fit – I don’t think there’ll be any worries of it coming loose.

Not sure what it is, but for some reason the profile shot from the right seems more revealing, even though she doesn’t have a slit in her skirt from this side. Actually, I just realized that now while looking at the pictures – talk about a slow response. LOL I’m guessing it’s the way her arm is raised and her body’s stretched towards the left. You can see a little bit of red paint on her boot, which is transferred from the hair. There were a couple of these marks on her body (albeit small), but I was able to wipe them off after a few attempts.

Now here’s the weird thing, on the right side of her skirt, there’s a weird circular mould mark. I’ve seen this on many other pics of Kaguya, so I know it’s not just mine. Also, you can see the dirty marks on the wrinkles of her dress, which is fairly annoying especially when her dress is white. Wish Volks’ assembly line took more care with these things.

Kaguya comes with two faces, a normal smiling face and another “embarrassed” face from the game art. I took a picture with the face off in case anyone’s wondering how to remove it. It wasn’t very obvious due to how tight the pieces fit together and the way her head and hair wiggles when you touch it. Basically the front bangs comes off first, then her face. The back of her head (hair portion) doesn’t come off so don’t try to force that off. Due to the position of her long hair and head piece, you should be careful when pulling the bangs and face off. I recommend wiggling them off rather then trying to force pulling them off as you might hit her pony tail or head piece and break a piece off.

I actually kind of like her with this alternate face on, she looks pretty cute. But there’s another reason why this embarrassed face is suitable for this figure. You can find out why, here (nsfw). I have to say, this was the biggest surprise for me when I got this figure – I had no idea she was a cast-off when I got her. The breast sculpt is done well, I think, but the oddity is the way her chest piece is attached. When it’s removed, it leaves a visible hole in between her rib cage – it would’ve been nice if the figure came with stub or something to cover that hole. Oh well, I doubt I’ll be displaying her with the top off anyway.

Overall, this is a decent figure with some minor quality control issues. The thing that bothers me about these minor issues is that the finish doesn’t look like the one in the promo pics, where the colours looked smooth and rich. Even so, I think it’s one of my favourites due to the character background, uniqueness and the overall sex appeal. I would definitely be interested if another company makes an attempt at Kaguya Nanbu, and when I say another company, I mean Alter. =P But that will never happen (well, most likely never), so I guess I’ll just have to cherish this one that much more.

As usual, here are some more pics with the rest (along with the NSFW pics) in the gallery.