VF.com Gallery Update

So I was going to upload some pics for Kotobukiya’s Lucy figure and write up the review when I realized I didn’t have Gallery Remote installed on my new computer.  So I go to Gallery’s site and realized that Gallery3 is now released.  It’s been kind of a long time coming so I stopped paying attention to it.  But it’s here!  Should I update or should I not?  I want to update, but that means I can potentially mess up all my images and database links, forcing me to go through all my posts to fix the links.  Nope, not a fun task at all.  But I think I will chance it and hope for the best, it’s part of the site’s growing pains but it’s best to keep up to date sometimes.  There are some features and themes I prefer in Gallery3 over Gallery2.  It may be best if I update it now rather than later when I have even more content.

Just look at me, jumping from one task to another, how very typical of me.  I haven’t even finished updating my site yet – it’s still using theme defaults!  I swear, the older I get, the less patience I have.  Or I’m starting to develop a case of ADD.

Oh, hey!  There’s a squirrel outside my window…

Update:  Okay, so Gallery contents all imported properly from the old one to the new one, with one caveat.  I’m going to have to update the direct links of the images in all of my old posts so the automatic forwarding will work.  Since I’m using the same directory name “/gallery/” as the old one, I guess there’s no easy way around this.  If I had created a new gallery directory, say “/gallery_new/”, then the old links to “/gallery/” will forward all my hotlinked images to the new gallery.  Make sense?  Kinda hard to explain.  >_<’

Update 08.15.12:  Wow, totally stupid move on my part, I completely forgot about the old gallery2 linking!  I celebrated my update anniversary by deleting the old gallery2 folder from the server.  BIG mistake!  All my previous posts up to the Gallery 3 update needed to have the photo links updated.  Basically, I had to go back and change all the links on each photo individually and map them to the new gallery.  Stupid gallery2 had unique filepaths, so I couldn’t just Find & Replace the folder path with the new one.  It’s all fixed and updated now though – my eyes are so messed up from looking at the wall of text in Notepad.  LOL