Vagkraft 2010

I’m months behind in posting my blog stuff! Guess I’m just not the “gotta update my life every minute” kind of guy! Nope, I’m the “I’ll update when I finally stop procrastinating” kind of guy.

So without further ado, here’s some shots I took at this year’s Vagkraft show!

Vagkraft is a local auto show here in Toronto that focuses VAG (Volkswagen Auto Group) cars, hosted by enthusiasts and sponsored by many local vendors and dealerships. It started up just these past few years so it’s still pretty new, I only started going last year and the turnouts have been pretty good as far as I see.

The show was held at Downsview Park back in August, I don’t know why it took me so long to update this blog, I guess there’s just too many distractions lately to do write-ups!

My car was the display car at the Eurosport Tuning booth last year – Frank, the owner of the store asked me again this year so I said, sure, why not?! A couple of the other guys joined with me as display cars this year as EST got a bigger booth space at this year’s venue. Also I got my car lowered just before the show so I no longer feel odd being there with 4×4 ride height. =P (Shout out to Drew, Lee and Marco on and their nice rides too!)

This year was rather wet, and a little on the cold side compared to the blistering 30+ degree weather at last year’s show. This might have contributed to the lower turn out but still good times all around! I got to the show early and the EuroSport Tuning booth’s roof was pretty much “assed” in by the water. ;-)

There are always a variety of styles and generations of Dubs at Vagkraft, so if anyone’s interested in car modifications, be on the look out for next year’s Vagkraft. :)

Like last year, there was an auto slalom course, although there was more slip and slide this year due to the rain. ;-)

This year also included burnout competitions, although the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, the event went on anyway. The blue VR6 was a killer! Unfortunately the crowd was too large and I didn’t get a good enough position to take proper shots; I also just put away my 70-200mm lens in the car so I was stuck with my 24-105 to catch some of the burnout action.

I entered my car for the show car competition this year, but too bad there was no love for the pumpkin – didn’t win! LOL Entered my car into the MKV Mild category, but congrats to the winners of the category – who all happen to be part of the club I’m with ( so good job iDub! =D

Congrats goes to James, Calvin and Mina who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively. =D I didn’t really pay attention to the other categories though. Sorry! LOL

There are a whole bunch more pictures in the full album, which can be found here: Vagkraft 2010

Feel free to browse around – and remember, if you’re in the area and are a car enthusiast, keep your eyes peeled for next year’s event! :)