Orchid Seed: Elf Mage (Lineage II)

After being delayed by a few months, Orchid Seed’s Elf Mage from Lineage II is finally released. Was it worth the wait? Does it live up to the hype from the previews? The questions to this highly anticipated figure can now be answered…

It was a number of years ago when I started playing Guild Wars by ArenaNET (part of NCsoft), I loved the character designs, which is somewhat based on the Lineage artwork. Lineage II was already out when I started Guild Wars, but I never played Lineage or Lineage II, mainly due to the fact I didn’t feel like paying more monthly fees. I know I may have missed out on a good game, but at the time, paying for World of Warcraft was enough to keep me going.

I believe this figure was announced sometime around September of last year – it was supposed to be released at the end of the year but wasn’t released till the end of March of this year. There were a lot of great photos floating around the net as well as the initial review on FooBarBaz, which was one of the reasons why I pre-ordered this figure. One surprise was that the figure was to have cast off clothing, but coming from Orchid Seed, I guess that’s not much of a surprise. The question really remained if Orchid Seed could pull this figure off given some of the sub-par figures they had released.

Orchid Seed isn’t the first to take on a Lineage II figure, Good Smile released a Dark Elf and a Human Mage previously, as well as a bunch of garage kits by other companies. Out of all the Lineage II figures, this Elf Mage is my favourite – the pose is elegant and the sculpt is fairly detailed. The figure is sculpted by Ishinaga Sakurako and in 1/7 scale, which puts her at about 22cm in height. While the released figure is very similar to the promo pics, for some reason it just feel like the figure isn’t as good as seen in the pictures. Maybe it’s a case of it being over-hyped? I really can’t put my finger on it…maybe it’s the plain colour scheme?

The overall paint work is smooth and clean, the hair has a slight shading although on my figure there’s a small speck of dark brown paint on her hair (left side, right side in pictures). It’s very small but once again the macro lens makes a mountain out of a mole. LOL

The figure’s choker is painted in such a way that it looks like it’s semi-transparent and like a soft material. The figure separates from just above her breasts in order to take off her shirt and skirt – but more on that later. The rest of the figure is pretty much painted in three colours: pearl white for the outfit, gold for the trims and a flesh tone for her inner blouse that simulates translucency.

The burnished gold is painted quite well, which rarely overlaps onto the pearl white outfit. The pearl paint also has a sparkle effect which isn’t easily seen in photos though. The sleeves and edge of her skirt are filled with a lace-like pattern in very fine detail, kudos to the sculptor!

The legs are very simplistic in comparison to the top, with only a pair of ribbon-like things and a pair of very uncomfortable looking high heel shoes. They do project the “cute” style, typical of Asian girls, which isn’t a surprise considering the character design is Korean based. The feet are really detailed too, particularly the nails, which are sculpted realistically and painted very neatly with no overlap.

The Elf Mage comes with two weapons, a staff and a sword. A word of caution when handling these things, they are very sharp (pointy) and quite fragile. It wouldn’t take much force to break a piece off these things, and I couldn’t count the number of times I poked myself with these things while taking the photos. Ouch! ^_^’

Both weapons pull apart in the middle, you then just slide it into her hand and stick in the other end from the other side. One thing you can do is have the weapon face down or up, the Elf Mage looks great either way.

There is, surprisingly, a lack of seam and mold lines throughout – with exception to the torso, the seams at her arms and neck are hidden by her arm bands and choker (respectively). The not-so-good part of the figure though is the seam line in her hair, which isn’t blended in as well. It just looks a little crude compared to the rest of the figure which feels quite elegant.

As previously stated, the Elf Mage has cast off clothing – she detaches by the neck, arms and above her breasts. I’d suggest removing her weapon before trying to remove her clothing, just in case you hit the weapon by accident and break it. The skirt is removed by sliding it up over her breasts, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. You have to use a little force and turn the skirt around to remove it from the body. The shirt requires dismembering her arms and head and pulling her shirt off the right arm first. Luckily, both the shirt and skirt are made with a flexible material.

Elf Mage comes with a lacy underwear, which is different from the typical plain white undies. I feel this part of the sculpt could’ve been done better though, I mean, it looks like she’s having her time of the month and wearing a Maxi pad.

But all’s not lost as the Elf Mage is redeemed by a finely sculpted backside! :-D It is done quite well and is similar to Sora’s sculpt, but with more roundness.

Overall, I have to say this is definitely a good figure from Orchid Seed and that they did a good job. Most seams and mold lines are barely visible and the paint work is very clean! The figure’s lips do look a little weird from certain angles though, it looks as if her mouth is crooked. You’ll also need to watch out for her weapons, as they are rather fragile. Her legs don’t seem very strong and my figure didn’t fit in the pegs of the base properly either, so I hope she doesn’t develop any leaning in the future.

If you have any reservations about getting this figure, then don’t! Just pick her up already – even though I can’t say she lives up to the hype, she’s still a great part of my collection. If you’re a Lineage fan, then this figure’s a must! Now, if they would only come out with some Guild Wars figures. :-P

I had a bit of a hard time taking Elf Mage’s photos, I couldn’t find the right background that I wanted. I was hoping to use some sort of castle / fantasy background but I couldn’t find any. Eventually I went out into the fields and took some pics of her with nature, which I think turned out not all too shabby!

So far I’ve only seen Tier’s review of this figure, but I’m sure more will pop up soon as she was just released.