New Toy

So after years of waiting, I finally got my hands on a Canon EOS 5D MKII.  I was intially tempted to get a 5D MKI when I first started out, but I just couldn’t justify the $4500 CAD price on the body.  So when I heard rumours of the MKII, I patiently waited (along with just about everyone else in the Canon community).  So when Canon finally released the 5D MKII last winter, I was eager to get one but decided to wait – never buy early production models on anything!  Spec was definitely good and a step up from the MKI, unfortunately it retained the 9-point AF, would’ve been nice if Canon had upgraded that, oh well.  There were also some initial issues about manual settings during video recording and black spots when taking photos with bright light sources (i.e. night photography of buildings, city lights).  But with the latest firmware (1.1.0) these issues have been resolved, so I decided now’s a good time to finally get the 5D.

The image quality is definitely a huge step up from my 30D and I’m definitely loving the full frame compared to the 1.6x crop.  I can finally use my 24-105 without having to step back when I need a wider shot.  Although I have the 10-22mm to use, sometimes swapping the lens gets annoying.  That said, I may need to find a new wide angle lens in case I decide to sell the 30D and the 10-22mm lens.

So far, I’m having quite a bit of fun taking macro shots with the 5D MKII, the bokeh is beautiful and images come out sharp.  I should have some of the macro shots up in the gallery soon.  I’ve been busy processing some wedding photos lately so I haven’t had much time to work on the gallery.