Native (Creator’s Collection): Collet

Well, that day is here, the day I thought would never come, but here it is! When I first started collecting these figures, I never thought I would go as far as collect something so “in your face” – guess I was wrong. The chances of my displaying this figure is pretty slim, but I got it anyway because I thought it is a fantastic figure and should be part of any collector’s collection no matter what.

(Please be advised the following review contains adult themes – NSFW)

Collet is based upon an original artwork by Tony Taka and sculpted by Chieri in 1/6 scale, which puts her at around 25cm long (hair to foot). Collet, I believe, is the second release of the Creator’s Collection series. The first one was Kotone, which I thought about getting but was turned off by the insane prices that vendors were selling at. I like Kotone for the fact that she is fully covered, but like many of the Native figures, she seems out of context without understanding the background story (which there is none). Kotone is sitting on a school desk with her uniform undressed, wearing a bikini underneath while eating a banana. Huh??! o_O Then there’s Shoujo (yet to be released), who’s leaning against a school chair, partly undressed and sucking on a strawberry. Huh??! In the original artwork, at least Shoujo was standing beside a strawberry cart – but I don’t know why they changed it to a school chair. Maybe she’s meant to stand beside Kotone’s desk?

So where am I going with all this? Well, it all leads to one of my reasons for getting Collet (first anyway) out of the others in the series. You can look at her and sort of understand the situation and why she’s posed the way she’s posed. It looks like she may have tripped over something while delivering presents, thus the open bag with presents falling out and why she’s on all fours. Her facial expression also implies “uh oh!” as if she just made a mistake and the fact that she’s exposed herself. I think her facial expression also implies some innocence and cuteness to her personality, which I like, compared to the other Creator’s Collection figures. But then again, that doesn’t really explain why her underwear is rolled down like that. LOL

The figure is fairly close to the original artwork, but the facial expression is a little different. The figure’s expression has a bit more worried look while the original artwork can be seen as being playful. I think it’s due to the angle of the figure’s eyes and the shape of the mouth that creates this vibe of urgency.

The main focus of the figure, however, is Collet’s rear end, which is perched up quite invitingly. The sculptor did a nice job with the shape, but I still don’t think her butt is round enough. The underwear clips on very loosely in between her legs (though the sides are attached to her skirt), it won’t fall off but it’s a bit of a fuss getting it in the right position to cover her up properly. One thing is for sure, pantsu fans can rejoice that her underwear is striped and not plain white – like the artwork. I’m sure there would’ve been hell if Native had gone with plain white paint. To be honest, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about with plain white underwear? Why does everyone want striped underwear on their figures?

Collet’s outfit is outlined with a fluffy fabric material, which is a nice touch and adds to the quality finish of this figure. The underwear is rather loose fitting though, so from a higher vantage point, it exposes Collet rather easily. It is a little sexy with a touch of temptation – ah who am I kidding? It makes you want to just rip it all off and hop on for a ride!

There are quite a bit of different materials used on this figure, the sole of the boots are made rubber with a cute imprint of a snowman on each boot. The paint also receives a gloss coating which makes her boots look rather leathery.

Collet has cast off clothing, naturally, the skirt and shawl can be removed rather simply. For the shawl, you pull off her head and slide it on or off. I wish the shawl would cover her front as well, so it can cover up her breasts to be more display friendly but c’est la vie. The design / sculpt of Collet is pretty good in the fact that from the side and rear views you can still see her face (and her facial expression). But that’s probably not what most people will be focusing their eyes on anyway. lol I really like this figure’s position, the sculpt actually look realistic under certain angles and lighting conditions.

The detail is fairly subtle when it comes to Collet’s private area, would’ve been nice if the sculpt had a little more realistic detail. Now, I’m not saying that to be perverted, but based upon the details and quality of the rest of the figure, this area just seem a little plain. Well, at the very least both holes are there. ^^’

The paint quality of the figure is very nice, the paint is smooth and even throughout. The skin tone is soft with subtle shading in certain areas to help emphasize her curves and form. Collet’s hair is very detailed, long and flowing – it sprawls around the area of her upper body. Did I mention I’m a sucker for long haired girls? The downside is that the bottom of her hair is completely flat, which is a little odd as not all of her hair comes in contact with whatever surface you put her on. So part of her hair appears to just float upwards into the air for no reason…

Collet also has a fairly detailed back with a visible spinal column and shoulder blades. Her skin pushes together at the sides from her slightly twisted pose which adds to the realistic feel. I took some low key photos of her back and I swear she could be mistaken for a real person – take a look at the photos at the end of the review and judge for yourself.

Her garter has floral details while the silver and white paint makes it look like a silky material. It’s very cleanly painted with no overlaps onto her skin, even the thin straps that goes around her butt and down her legs have no visible paint deviation.

Now, this may be strange to say, but one other reason I got Collet is because of the surprise figure that comes with her. I have absolutely no idea what this cat-girl thing is and why it’s included with Collet. But I find it really cute and makes a good background figure in other photos. This little figure also comes with a tea cup, fish and a cushion to sit on. I have to mention that if you do have this mini cat girl figure, be careful of the bell around her neck. Mine fell out rather easily as it wasn’t glued in, it was just stuck in via a little stub. Luckily, I caught it in time and found the bell – I’ll be sure to glue it in to make sure I don’t lose it.

Collet also comes with a big bag of gifts with three loose presents and a Santa hat. The paint work on the presents is a little rough compared to the rest of the figure. With all these accessories, I can see why this figure costs a premium – especially now, since this was a limited release.

This is my first Native figure, and I’m quite impressed with the overall quality of this figure. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be picking up some more Native figures in the future, even though I won’t be able to display them any time soon. In fact, I have Shoujo S on pre-order already, I just hope I don’t get screwed over by a lack of production and distribution.


I actually had a good time taking photos of Collet, she’s one of those figures that inspire the imagination (even though she leaves nothing to the imagination). ;-) Collet is pretty popular, just about any figure collector knows about her, but the production was limited – I’m not too sure how many were produced, but there definitely aren’t that many reviews out there. The only ones I’ve seen are from Tier’s site, Shadonia and FooBarBaz.