Miyabiya: Shiraki Rika

So this will be my second “adult” figure review, the first being Collet. Seriously, when I first started collecting anime figures and this section of the site, I never expected I would purchase these kinds of figures (let alone write reviews about them). But I think as I dwelved more into this otaku culture, I decided to expand my horizons and see where it leads me.

Please note that the following review contains adult content, so yadda yadda… you know the drill.

I have only seen a handful of hentai anime before – with Dragon Knight being the first. Actually, I didn’t even know what it was when I started watching it, I thought it was going to be a cool anime about Dragons and Knights. Well, I later found out that was only partly correct… ^_^’ I came across Bible Black’s OAV while channel surfing around anime sites and said to myself, “Oh what the heck, let’s see what this thing is about.” This series is so widely popular, I can’t see how anyone not into the anime scene and not have heard of it.

The story is alright, but holy virgin eyes this series is graphic! >_< Anyway, if you haven’t hear of this series, here’s the Wiki entry on it – I didn’t even realize it was based on an erog, I thought it was just an OAV. Anyway, Shiraki Rika is one of the girls from Bible Black, I don’t think she had a very big part albeit the girl the male protagnonist had an crush on in the beginning. She spent most of her time as a groupie and being toyed with in later scenes – but the most memorable scene for me would be her stabbing the male protagonist (Minase) and doing him while he was dying (as part of a ritual). Can’t complain much about that, if I was dying, that’s probably the way to go.

Rika is sculpted by Clumsy Rei in 1/8 scale, which puts her at around 20cm. The publisher is Miyabiya, which I have not heard of prior to this figure, given the fact I’m new to the scene. When I pre-ordered the figure, I really wasn’t sure what the quality would be like, but the prototype looked pretty good to me. What I like about this sculpt is that Rika isn’t over-the-top or in-your-face; she’s covered up and in a fairly seductive pose (well, it’s more like she’s the one being seduced). I like it when the figure can be covered up, cause I can at least display the figure, it’s hard to explain to family and friends why there’s a naked figure standing in the middle of my other clothed figures and displays.

I was really on the fence about this figure, she looked great, but then I don’t know what I’d do with her. I had her on pre-order from HLJ, but decided to cancel it after a couple of weeks. Then I changed my mind again and re-ordered her after seeing some WonFest photos. I was glad I re-ordered just in time as the very next day HLJ’s status changed to “Order Stop”. There is also an exclusive version from AmiAmi that actually costs cheaper. The only difference is that Rika receives a red top and a gray skirt – I opted for the original colour scheme as I find it sexier on Rika.

Rika comes in a really small packaging, which was a surprise to me as I’m so used to huge figure boxes. She’s packed in really securely, but not much room for error in case of hard impact (think of it as a Smart car). Taking her out of the box revealed a figure of really good quality. The figure is clean of molding bits, seam lines and the paint application is smoothly applied. It washed away any doubts I had about ordering this figure, even if I keep her in a box hidden in the dark corner of my basement never to see the light of day. Then again, that’s probably where she belongs anyway! ;-)

Her facial expression is one of my favourite features of this figure, I think the sculptor did a great job conveying a look of worry and fear yet she looks like she can’t wait for you to take advantage of her. It is a little different compared to the box illustration though, looking at the illustration Rika seems more horny than anything else. I wish the paint work would’ve added a little blush to Rika’s face though, she looks a little pale.

The bra is plain white, nothing fancy – but the sculpt includes the “points” as if her nipples are pushing up against it. I guess that adds to the sex appeal, but I find it more along the lines of practical, since you can use that to align the bra to her breasts. Since it’s a cast-off, the bra can be adjusted freely; sometimes it’s hard to find the right position to set the bra. I use the nipples as a “place marker” to find the right position for the bra.

As stated, this Rika comes in the usual black, white and red school uniform. There aren’t any complicated designs on the clothing, just solid colours. But the painter did a great job and applying the paint – it’s even, smooth and clean. I find the red skirt a little too bright though, stare at it long enough and you might go blind.

The stockings are simplistic as well, but really nicely shaded. The legs look a little odd from certain angles though, due to the way she’s standing. Her shoes are simple as well, but I kind of like it this way, it matches the rest of Rika’s outfit and doesn’t steal attention away from her legs. The base is small, which I like too, I’m a little sick of figures with insanely large bases causing real estate issues when displaying them. Since this base is small (and weak looking), Miyabiya opted to put a heavy weight inside that will balance and hold the figure down. The only annoying thing about it is it will make a “clack clack clack” sound when you shake Rika around.

Clumsy Rei did a good job with sculpting the wrinkles on the uniform and the way it’s pulling downwards. These details are subtle, but it really adds to the overall feel of the figure. The hair is evenly stranded and nicely shaded, but for some reason when I look at the back I feel like I’m staring at fries from McDonald’s. Unfortunately my figure has a few light paint chips in the hair.

Rika’s hips are angled in a very nice position, it compliments her short skirt very well! ^_~ I guess I can forgive the paint blemish in the hair, I think I’ll just focaus on this area when I look at Rika from the back.

Rika’s cast-off parts are her bra and her skirt. One thing that surprised me when I opened her packaging was finding a paper with instructions on how to separate her and set the cast-off parts. An even bigger surprise was to find English instructions! That’s right, I said English not Engrish!

Rika’s head comes off in order to remove the bra and she separates at the waistline to remove the skirt. I can’t say the same for everyone, but my Rika was really tight. She is stuck together really well and I recommend wiggling her lightly to take her apart rather than pulling via full force. Her body doesn’t have many “anchor points” for you to put your fingers around, so if you pull full force, you might slip and damage her hair or hands.

One thing of interest on this figure is the way her hands wrap around the bra and underwear, it adds to the cumbersome of removing and putting on her cast-off parts. The easiest way for the bra is to insert the strap into her left hand first, then swing the bra over top her body and set it in place. For the underwear, insert her right hand into the underwear first, then connect her upper body to her lower. She fits together surprisingly well and no seam marks anywhere!

The oddity on this figure is the fact Miyabiya decided to paint her nipple and surrounding area baby pink. I guess it’s not so bad after looking at it for awhile and getting used to it. But it really reminds me of Chinese “peach” buns, hell, now that I think about it again I have a craving for one of these buns.

Rika comes with a little white add-on piece that wraps around her waist. This is used when her skirt is removed to simulate her upper uniform is hanging loosely as it’s no longer tucked in to the skirt. Great idea, kudos to the sculptor and Miyabiya for this extra care to detail! Rika’s underwear is white, but there are peach coloured patterns on it. It’s not stripes, so I don’t know how some people will feel about this – personally, I don’t really care about underwear patterns. And since Rika is pulling on her underwear, it exposes her pelvic area. Fortunately or unfortunately (probably the latter), there are no vaginal details on this figure – not even a little slit like on Collet. Not that it matters much as it’s not really a part of the figure that you’ll visibly see unless you’re exploring every crevice of this figure. But I guess it’s a little disappointing given the fact how graphic the OAV is.

Rika has a really nice rear end though, and I really can’t ask for anything more! It’s round and perky, looking at the macro photos makes me want to stick my hand through the monitor and give it a good tap.

I’m glad I decided to re-order her after a hasty decision to cancel the pre-order, Rika came out to be a really good figure with above average finish quality. It sort of makes me want to get other Bible Black figures from Miyabiya, but the other ones aren’t as appealing to me. I hope Miyabiya (or someone) will make a good looking Kaori Saeki though, I think she’s one of the hottest anime girls I’ve seen. LOL

For the general photos, I finally decided to use my light box for a softer lighting – one thing is for sure, it helped save a lot of time correcting levels and curves in post. As for the remaining pics, I tried to go for a darker look due to the theme of the character.