MegaHouse: Klan Klang (armored version)

That’s right, torpedo boobs is back!

As a HUGE Macross fan, there was no way I could pass this one up. Klan Klang in Messiah fast pack simply screams awesome – the ultimate “Valk Girl” yet! There’s no denying the sex appeal for sci-fi anime geeks when it comes to a giant alien chick secured in mecha armour. It’s probably the equivalent of seeing Princess Leia in that slutty slave suit from Return of the Jedi.

I grew up watching Macross / Robotech and it’s my all time favourite anime, my displays are filled with “Valkyries” from all range of the Macross series. I probably mentioned this in my Tomahawk review, but I started my figure collecting ever since I got the MegaHouse Sheryl Nome figure – my Macross obsession (which was already expensive enough) has led me down a darker path of disorder – not to mention the bigger hole in my wallet.

Klan Klang, whom I affectionally call “Torpedo Boobs”, have seen a few renditions in figure form with this version being the latest from MegaHouse. When I was unboxing Klan, for a moment I thought I was unboxing one of my Valks. The way her booster pack is packaged is very similar and if I had a 1/72 scale VF-25, I’d probably try and see if thise booster pack will fit on it.

While MegaHouse doesn’t specify a scale for Klan, I believe according to the VF-25 sizes, she is around 1/72 (or 1/60 scale). Yeah, not 1/7, take into account she’s a giant alien/clone (with breasts bigger than her head). From head to toe, she’s about 25cm tall – taller if she were standing upright. The…

… *ahem* Hi everyone! Michel here, sorry to jack the review but I just had to make an appearance! For those who don’t know who I am, my name is Michel Blanc, a pilot with SMS. This is my signature blue VF-25G Messiah, and that there behind me is my very dear friend (don’t let her know I said that) Klan Klang.

If anyone should be talking about her, I should be the one as we practically grew up together. Want to know all her secrets and true bust size? It’s…

… Dude, what the hell! You can’t just come and hijack my review just because you know her bust size. Sorry about that folks, I need to start locking my Valks away in another display case. Well, as I was saying, Klan is a decent sized figure and with her fast pack on, you’ll need some real estate in your display to put her.

The details on this version of Klan is great, quality appears much better than the Banpresto one I had reviewed some time ago. Had I gone for the original colour scheme of the Banpresto Klan, I can probably do some sort of comparison in terms of the colouring. Both look fairly similar from the pictures though, in terms of the colouring and both body suits have a bit of glitter in the paint work. As well, both versions have tremendously huge breasts, larger than the size of Klan’s head. ;-)

When you put the two Klan side by side, however, you can see a huge difference in the facial sculpt. The Banpresto version appears a little man-ish compared to the MegaHouse version, which I think is more in tune with the original artwork of the character. The neckguard is sitting much higher on Banpresto Klan, making her face look much more square-ish. But that might also be the way her head is tilted downwards – oh, who am I kidding, I never realized just how ugly Banpresto’s Klan face was. Not that it was a bad figure, it just measure up to the new Klan by MegaHouse.

This Klan definitely has a more fluid pose, I love the way her arm is stretched out, as if reaching for something or just flying through the air. With that said, however, comes the limitation of this figure – due to her pose, there’s no way she can balance herself when being displayed; you’re required to use the included support beams to help her stay upright. Though MegaHouse used metal as the support beams, they still feel pretty flimsy to me and can break or bend easily. Positioning the beams in the correct way and angle can also get a little annoying, particularly when she has the fast pack on. Without the fast pack, it’s much simpler and you only require one support beam instead of two. It connects to a semi-transparent connector which attaches to her back. This sort of makes me wonder why they didn’t use some sort of semi-transparent hard plastic as the support beams. I think that would have made the presentation of the overall figure much cleaner.

Here’s a better look at the rear support of the figure, as well as a bonus eye candy shot. ^_^’ God bless whoever designed ultra tight fitting flightsuits.

I like the fact that MegaHouse decided to go with a semi-transparent material for Klan’s hair ribbons, it adds an extra touch of quality to the figure. The transparent feet support, on the other hand, looks a little cheap to me. I’m still not entirely sure what they’re suppose to represent – air or puff of smoke from her boosters? But there aren’t any boosters on her feet so I’m at a bit of a loss – I went back to watch the scene and don’t see any puff of smoke coming from her feet.

This design isn’t bad to help levitate her body higher as if floating, but the clear plastic feels a little cheap or tacky to me. It does help cover the peg holes in the base though! The base shuffles around depending on if Klan is wearing the fast pack or not, so there are little holes in the middle for the metal support beams.

I had a little bit of difficulty trying to mount the GU-17A gun pod into Klan’s hands, mainly because her boobs are so big that they got in the way of my inserting the gun into her hand. No, I’m serious. Lucky for PVC, it’s somewhat bendable, so I was able to push out her arm a little in order to fit the stock under her arm. Once it’s in, it actually lets gravity do the work, the gunpod sits loosely in her hand with the stock resting under her arm. It’s a nice touch I think and an interesting design, the gun pod looks really natural resting in between…

…hmmm? Did I hear someone say gun pod?! Thought you got rid of me, huh? Well, guess who’s back?!

I have to say, the sculptor did a nice job with the gun pod – it looks very close to the artwork. Now, you might be wondering why Klan’s gun pod looks different than mine. That is because she is using the standard issue gun pod for the VF-25′s. I fly a VF-25G, a gunner / sniper variant so I am equipped with a SSL-9B Dragunov Rifle – don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the technical specifications.

In comparison, Klan’s 1/72 scale GU-17A is roughly the same length as my 1/100 scale SSL-9B. Wouldn’t it be great to see her holding a 1/72 scale of my SSL-9B? Unfortunately, I’m the only VF-25 in VF’s collection so there’ll be no size comparisons today. I’m so lonely. No wait, I’m not – I get to enjoy those knockers all to myself – life’s great!

Strike a pose! Don’t we look great together?

Now, back to the topic at hand, we certainly can’t forget the fast pack! This here is the main attraction, folks! Klan Klang adorned in VF-25 hardware, more specifically, my fast pack. What’s she doing wearing my stuff you ask? Well, I’ll get to that a little later, for you see, I…

… seriously, Michel! Stop hijacking my review! Oh, what the hell, since we’ve come this far, I might as well just continue on from here. As Michel mentioned, the biggest attraction of this figure is Klan in VF-25 “armor”, hence the armor version in the name. The name is actually somewhat incorrect as this is a fast pack, the VF-25 armor pack is quite a different breed.

I think it’s safe to assume that most people who owns this figure will be displaying her with the fast pack on – I’m definitely going to be doing that. If you ask me, without the hardware, she looks a little empty – somewhat naked to the eyes – her pose with the “armor” makes much more sense.

Now, maybe it’s just me, but has anyone else out there ever wondered why her breasts are so huge? I think I finally found the answer to that. It’s so that she can support the breast plate portion of the VF-25 fast pack! Her twins look like they were made for this – just look at how perfectly it fits on her!

If you ask me, I think MegaHouse should’ve made it so her shoulder packs open up to display the missiles – how awesome would that’ve been? The “armor” rests on her shoulders and breasts, the light grey straps then attaches from the back, like a clamshell, to help secure it to her body. The fitment is pretty tight though, so it may take a little effort to mount the straps on securely (damn those insanely large breasts of hers)!

MegaHouse did a great job with the VF-25 shield that’s mounted on Klan’s arm, there are grooves and bulges to the shield, not just a flat piece of plastic. The weathering effect of the paint work is also commendable. It’s not too heavy handled and all the panel lining are already done – which means I don’t have to do it myself. Looking at this beautiful fast pack, I wonder why Bandai or Yamato couldn’t release more fast packs and mechas with weathering effects – or at least some subtle panel lining.

If you look inside the thrusters of the fast packs, you can see the amount of detail MegaHouse put into this figure. The thrusters themselves can also be adjusted up, down and slightly left, right just like on most Macross Valk toys. One issue I had (though I didn’t take any pictures, yet) is with the use of the ball joints on the fastpack and link arm. While it’s a good concept, like on the Figmas, which helps you rotate the fast packs just about anyway you like to display them, the construction wasn’t that well done. The balls sit in the fast pack fairly tightly, which means you have to use some force to rotate the fast packs around (and it makes a lot of squeaky sounds when you do it). While posing my Klan, one of the ball joints broke off from the starboard link arm and is now stuck inside the fast pack. It’s not too big of an issue for me at the moment as I can still attach the link arm’s socket end into the ball joint, but it does make me question the quality of this design and if it’ll happen to anyone else. It’s a little hard to describe without pictures so I’ll have to update this review when I get some pics. My ball joint came apart while I was putting Klan back in the box after taking her photos. D’oh!

The leg armor is done up with the same quality as the fast pack, clean panel lining and subtle weathering. I think the way the leg armor is portrayed here looks better than the Klan Klang scene in Macross Frontier. If you watch that scene, the leg armor doesn’t appear as detailed and there appears to be more strap on the interior side. This Klan appears to have more armor covering the interior of her legs (due to what I assume are the landing gear hatch). Take note of this piece though, it tends to fall out easily if you touch it the wrong way. There are essentially three pieces to the leg armor, the large outside, the back with the straps and the front landing gear covers. The three comes together and holds in place on her legs rather well. I found it a bit difficult to clip in the straps again, but once you find the sweet spot everything fits in nicely.

The leg armor says SMS 003, which is Michel’s designation in the squadron. It does feel a little odd to me as I’m so used to seeing U.N. Spacy on the leg armors. lol

Once again, MegaHouse delivers on the goods – I’m really glad that they have been coming out with some great Macross Frontier figures. Would it be asking for too much to have them to come out with some other figures from the Macross universe? How about some more Minmay, Misa in her officer’s uniform, maybe some of Myung or Sharon Apple? Heck, how about Ishtar or Silvie in a flightsuit (even though there’s so much hate for Macross II). I wouldn’t mind some of the male characters too, they were pretty iconic. I’m a disappointed I missed out on the Hikaru figure awhile back, the one with the flight suit that lights up. Damn exclusives. -_-

Speaking of more Macross figures, I wonder why Yamato hasn’t come out with any Macross figures – especially when they’re so well known for their Valkyries. Their recent line up of figures aren’t all that bad – so come on Yamato! *hint hint* Yeah, yeah, I know, probably different departments – left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing type of thing. :-P

It’s safe to say Klan Klang is one of my favourite figures this year, it really lived up to the hype – I can’t see anything wrong in terms of quality of the figure. The minor gripe is with the ball joint of the fast pack but c’est la vie! I’d recommend anyone to get her, even if they’re not a Macross/Mecha girl fan.

Klan will definitely look great beside some 1/72 or 1/60 scale Valks – especially with Michel’s VF-25G. As Michel mentioned, he’s the only VF-25 I have thus far in my collection (since Bandai can’t seem to make a quality VF-25 toy). They…

… giddy-up Klan! Weeeeeeeeee!!! I guess being in 1/100 scale ain’t so bad – since I don’t have any fast packs, I’ll just hitch a ride on Klan’s! Hey, why not? Sniper teams work in pairs – trust me, this’ll be great! I’m goi…

… errrrrrrrr!!! That’s it, I’m locking Miche’s VF-25 up for good, it’s never seeing the light of day again! Luckily, I’m pretty much done here. I guess the only thing to finish this review up is to provide some references to the figure’s background and how it came to be. Honestly, I was a little surprised when they announced this version of Klan – as great as the figure is, it conjures up some sad memories. Just watch! *warning of spoilers if you plan on Macross Frontier* As for Klan in the “armor” from where this figure originates, check out the video below *some spoiler warning too*.

As great as this figure is and as much as I like her, I had a bit of a difficult time photographing her. Her pose is great, but for some reason it seems only interesting from the one angle. I can’t explain this phenomenon, but certain figures photo great from any angle yet some others only from certain angles. Klan falls into the latter – from the other angles, it just seem a little boring to me. I also tried playing with the background a bit, but I think it came out a little tacky – my bad!

The images started to look redundant to me, so I decided to play around with the colours and lighting – so here they are! =P