Kotobukiya: Xecty Ein (Army Uniform)

Girls say they love a man in uniform, well I think I can say the same about girls in uniforms too. That is one reason I added Kotobukiya’s Xecty Ein (Army version) to my collection, the other reason is the amount of detail that was placed in this figure.

Now, I’m relatively new to this anime figure collecting thing, so I’m not sure what to say about Kotobukiya as a company. I’ve read that their figures have been subpar before, but the recent figures I got from Kotobukiya appears to be finished quite well. And as I’m also unfamiliar with the Shining series, even though I did play the game before very briefly, I’m not going to get into the background of Xecty here as anything I’d say would just be paraphrasing from the Wikipedia entry. LOL

What I can tell you is that this is a very good figure with a lot of details and that was the biggest factor in my getting this Xecty (and I pre-ordered the EVE version as well). This version of Xecty is sculpted by Nakamura Hirotoshi in 1/8 scale, so she stands around 20cm tall. I can’t even begin to imagine how much time it took to shape this figure, particularly the ribbons and straps on her arms! If it were me, I’d probably would’ve gone mad and rolled everything back up into a ball and said frack it! :P

The colouring is quite straightforward, however, and nothing spectacular. But the paintwork is fairly good with some shading on the skin and inner clothing. The coat is somewhat flat olive drab, which is a bit of a snooze, but taking into account the careful paint work, the snoozefest is forgivable.

Xecty comes in a fairly secured package and her feet are screwed into the base from the factory. This is the first time I’ve seen this, I don’t mind it at all as the figure stands very secure and solidly, but the glossy black base is really boring.

And speaking of boring, Xecty’s facial expression rather bland too, it just doesn’t say anything and shows no emotion. Her eyes are also looking to the left, which resembles her thinking of something, but what on earth is she thinking of that would make her look so dead? The pose is not spectacular and her body is angled in a weird way, but I don’t mind this as much due to all the eye candy on her uniform. But I can’t shrug off the fact she looks so lifeless for such a good figure.

Her hair is also fairly plain at the front, the strands detail is very flat, unlike the rear. The shading is pretty smooth though, and the two antenna things on her head are pretty reflective (as you can tell by the picture below). I’m not too sure what those things are, whether they’re functional or merely decorative for Xecty.

From far away, you probably won’t notice as much from a distance (and due to her scarf), but I like the shape of her breasts underneath the uniform. They look just right and fairly proportioned, in a way, it reminds me of the SOFT version of Xecty. I get a good laugh everytime I think about the advertisement photo for that, “Oh, feel so good!” Anyway, I’ll save it for that review when I get a chance to write it up.

I like the fact that the skirt received some shading, the tan colour with the dark brown belt sets off a nice contrast between the inner and outer layers of her uniform. The fact that her belly button is showing via the opening of the uniform is pretty nice too and adds to the sex appeal.

The side of Xecty’s “skirt” on the dress uniform has some slight “frill” to the sculpt, at least an attempt at it. I think the details are a little too flat too for it to stand out and oftem your eyes will probably miss it and not even notice it was there. The amount of detail in the ribbons on her arms really overshadows these minute details.

The frilly design carries around to the back of the uniform with a little black bow. The bow is really unimpressive either and a plain flat black colour. I’m not sure why there are so many fine details on the figure while other parts seem flat and dull in comparison. Maybe the sculptor got tired after finishing up the laces on the arms? lol

Xecty sports a beige stocking with almost knee-high boots. It would’ve been nice if there were a bit more shading work or different tones of brown on the boots for that extra bit of detail, but oh well. At least the laces are well done, and the knot at the top isn’t a flat piece that’s completely attached to the boot – this adds to the visual 3D cue – if that makes any sense.

Xecty comes with a silver sword in this version, and it totally sucks. It’s all plain gray-ish silver looking with absolutely no details. At least in the proto-type photos, the sword was chrome like, very shiny and reflective. Maybe I will update the paint work on this sword myself if I have time.

One surprise that I definitely didn’t expect is that Xecty’s uniform is a cast off! You can take off her uniform’s bottom portion by separating Xecty just below her bust line. I have to say, she does look much cuter in that short skirt – and boy is that skirt short! From a slightly lower angle, you can see Xecty’s underwear, which may lead to a case of nosebleeds for some people. ^^’

But that’s not all…

… so one cast off equals a cool surprise. But a double cast-off?! No way! @_@ This was something I definitely didn’t expect on this figure. Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a surprise if I had kept up to date on the previews and stuff, but I didn’t. Now I wonder if it’ll be the same for the Xecty E.V.E. version? Probably so!

The side straps have a slight lacey look to it, and some patterns on the front and back, but it’s still plain white, which I’m sure some fans will not like. Also, Xecty’s bum isn’t exactly sculpted very round, it’s rather disappointingly flat. Not the worst, but definitely could be better! That said, I prefer to keep her skirt on, as I find displaying her with the underwear looks rather strange, given that her top is still in uniform. Now if the top was a cast off or a switchable part, then perhaps.

Overall, this figure is really good and have quite a bit of detail, even though some of those details came out a little subpar while other details came out to total awesomeness. It’s definitely a nice figure to have in your collection if you’re a Shining Wind fan, but she does look a little lifeless. I think the upcoming Xecty E.V.E. version may be even better, as the facial expression on that looks a little more pleasing. But I guess I’ll find out when it’s released. Since this figure was delayed by almost two months, I think the May release of E.V.E. will be delayed as well.

I’m not sure how popular this figure is, but so far I haven’t see any reviews out for her which is cool because I’m usually one of the last to publish a figure review. It’s good to finally be one of the first (if not the). :)