Incoming March Items

While I knew I had a bunch of pre-orders set to come out in March, a majority of my planned items have been shifted due to delays while a few were obtained as a last minute change of heart.  I was checking my HLJ orders today and noticed a few of the figures are now being processed for shipping, which means they should be here in a few days and I’ll be stuck with more bills to pay.

Orchid Seed:  Lineage II Elf Mage

This figure has been delayed for a few months and it looks like she’s finally getting deployed!  There have been numerous chatter about this figure and it’s easy to see why.  I’m glad I had pre-ordered this figure, it’s definitely going to be a hot item.  But will the paint quality be as good as the prototype photos?  And how will the decision to make this figure with cast off parts affect the finish?  Guess I’ll find out pretty soon, heck, as I was typing this I just received the shipping notification from HLJ.  Sweet!

Yamato:  Velvet

This figure was flying completely below my radar until a couple weeks ago.  While I’m aware that Yamato have been known to come out with some sub-par figures, this company is no stranger to me.  I’ve been collecting their Macross Valkyries ever since they first started producing them.  But anyway, I found out about Velvet (Odin Sphere) from browsing around MFC – I really hate that place.  LOL

The prototype images were stunning, the pose and cast off is sexy; this may be Yamato’s best figure yet, or so people say.  Looking at this figure also led me to Mercedes, which I opted for the Alter version.  Yamato’s Mercedes looked to static to me and doesn’t seem to match Velvet.  I was late on that pre-order though, so I hope there will be enough stock – I ordered it from HobbyFan.

Alter:  Fatina

Like Velvet, I was completely oblivious to the existence of Fatina from The Tower of Druaga. When I saw the figure, I was captivated by her pose and the movable weapon.  I was debating whether to get her companion Kaaya or not – Kaaya looked dull compared to Fatina and the figure just didn’t inspire me.  But I wanted to get Kaaya as a set to go with Fatina.  But in the end logic won (for once) and I decided to get only Fatina.  I just know I’m going to have fun taking her photos!  =)

Alter:  Metatron

Yes, I’ve finally caved in and got Metatron.  I held off for the longest time thinking I could go on without looking at her again, but I was wrong.  She kept popping up on forums, reviews, news, etc. and everyone loves this figure.  I can’t blame them, Alter did a great job with this one.  I kept referring back to Tier’s review of Metatron which just tempted me even more.  Well, it was in stock at HLJ so I finally decided to pick it up even though this is the worst time financially with all the pre-orders coming out.  Will I regret getting her?  No.  Will I suffer the wrath of hell (aka the wife)?  Yes.

Alter:  Mio Akiyama

That’s right, after months of telling myself I won’t get onto the K-ON! bandwagon, I’ve failed again.  I decided to pick up Mio to go along with Yui and Azusa.  I’m guessing (and hoping) Alter will release the rest of the band members, that would be so cool to display the full band together.  It’ll be great for photo shoots!  I blame Tier again for this impulse buy, every time I log in to MFC I see his Mio picture in the side bar as the top Picture of the Month.  Oi!!  >_<’  Anyway, it’s being processed by HobbyFan at the moment as it’s discontinued from HLJ.  I hope I don’t get screwed over again due to an inventory database error!

Square Enix:  Metal Babble

Well, just for fun, I picked up a little soft vinyl metal babble toy as it was on sale from HLJ.  Dragon Quest was (and is) one of my favourite RPG’s of all time, it’s up there with Final Fantasy and I’ve been playing the series since the very first one on the NES.  The metal babble is one of the elusive enemies that yielded an extremely high amount of experience points in the game.  I’m not too sure how big it is, but I thought it would be fun to put on my desk at work or on the dash in my car.  lol

UPDATE (04/06/10): Received all items – be on the look out for their reviews in the near future!  =)