Good Smile Company: Hatsune Miku (world is mine)

I first saw this Miku on Foo-Bar-Baz last December, at the time, I had no idea who she was or what the figure was about. All I knew was that I thought the figure looked pretty cool to have a “framed” display base that can be mounted on the wall. I haven’t started collecting figures yet at the time either, so I had zero clue about where she was from, who she was made by and where to get her. I just looked at the photos and thought, “that’s cool” and pointed it out to my wife who agreed with me (for once).

Fast forward a few weeks, I started collecting figures and started to familiarize myself with all the different companies and the culture. Well, lo and behold, I came across this Miku while randomly browsing eBay so I quickly snatched it up. I could’ve got it from HLJ, HobbyFan, TLC, etc. but since I was getting something from the same seller on eBay, I got this Miku at the same time (at the normal price).

This Miku is based upon a user illustration of the World is Mine song by supercell. I’ve never heard the song before (hell, I haven’t really heard any Miku songs before), so I thought I’d check it out while writing up this review. The song’s alright, but I’m not really into Japanime type music anymore so it doesn’t really do anything for me. I thought Miku’s voice was too pitchy for my taste – but I still like Miku’s character design.

Miku’s appearance portrayed here is quite different from the usual “concert outfit” Miku, the face, body structure and hair are also a little different – but you can still look at this figure and know it’s Miku. The general vibe I get from this Miku is somewhat gothic. Her hair, long black stockings and hair ribbons have this slightly dark feeling to it. Her pose also looks a little devious and sinister from certain angles, a lot like Mr. Burns (The Simpsons). Eeeeeeeeeexcellent. I do like this design and had a lot of fun taking her pictures under different lighting.

Her hand sculpt seems a little weird to me, especially her left hand. The hand looks unusually long to me, reminiscent of E.T.?! The ribbon/string thing on her shirt is painted cleanly on this figure with barely no overlap with the white. With such high contrast, any overlap in paint here would’ve ruined the figure completely, especially it’s the central part of the figure where your eyes will easily focus on. Well, that’s my opinion anyway and luckily for me my Miku was saved from this horrible abomination.

The bracelet, however, isn’t finished as well as other parts of the figure. The paint application here seem like a blob of black paint with a few coloured dots then a layer of massive gloss coating. But at least this isn’t as noticeable and doesn’t detract attention away from the figure as a whole.

One other aspect I like about this figure is the fact different finishes were used on the figure. There are gloss and matte coatings, depending on the “material” Miku’s wearing. Her one-piece dress, for example, is in a matte finish which looks more fabric like than her headphones, bracelet, stockings, etc. I’m not sure why stockings would be glossy though, but it does provide a nice contrast. On my figure, there’s a slight mold line on the left of the figure (right side if you’re looking straight at her), I’m not sure if it’s like this on others, but I assume it is. It’s not that as obvious when looking at it with the naked eye though.

I’m sorry to report, if you’re a pantsu fan, that her underwear is plain white. Yup, that’s right, no stripes! But at least there are some wrinkles and “stitch” lines, right? So all’s not lost for you! :-P

Now, there seemed to be some controversy with the quality control of this figure. There are reports on MFC that some people have been getting this Miku with sub-par finish and bad quality finish. Reports ranges from mis-painted petals, mis-painted hair ribbons, scratches on the figure, scratches on the base, poor paint quality and badly constructed headphone. I really wouldn’t have known about these issues had I not been keeping track of GSC’s recent release of Canaan where people were talking about quality issues with their WIM Miku. There was quite an uproar about the finished quality of that figure and many were upset with GSC’s lack of quality control from one figure to another. But I’ll get into this more when I do my Canaan review. On my Miku, the one obvious flaw I can see is the headphone, it appears who ever put it together used too much glue, so there’s a blob of dried glue on headphone. I haven’t tried removing this yet, as it doesn’t bother me all that much as it’s not obvious – but I’ll probably give it a try when I have room to put this figure out for display.

My base is fairly clean without scratches or damages. The World is Mine text is clear and the petals are painted alright. I haven’t seen the pre-production sample so I can’t really compare, but I’m guessing the petals on that were painted with more care and probably done one by one unlike this mass production version. I really don’t have any complaints with this base / frame though as when you look at the whole package from a normal viewing distance you won’t notice these little details.

I have to say, this is one of my favourites in my collection and one of the figures that caught my attention before even getting into this hobby. And as I’ve said, this Miku was great to take photos of, you can take it from just about any angle and lighting and get some sort of emotional response. Even with the issues some people were reporting, I dont think that should deter anyone from getting this figure as it’s definitely one unique Miku!