Griffon Enterprises: Kousaka Tamaki (shifuku version)

So it’s been awhile since I’ve updated – don’t you just hate sites that stops updating with new content? I sure as hell do, but unfortunately being a one-man operation, I just don’t have the time to do all the things I want to do. Unless there are any billionaires out there reading this that would like to donate a couple of million to me so I can quit my day job. No? Damn.

I initially wanted to put up the Lucia (from Pangya) review first, but when I went to start the work I noticed I uploaded the wrong album into my gallery. I uploaded Tamaki’s photos twice! I’m not sure what the hell I was thinking when I uploaded it, guess it was late and I was in a rush. I uploaded it as AmiAmi: Kousaka Tamaki (shifuku version). Saaaaaay whaaaaaaaa??!! o_O That didn’t make any sense at all!!

That said, Lucia will just have to wait a bit more as Tamaki takes the spotlight!

My plan was to do a Tamaki week, thought it’d be fun doing reviews for all the Tamaki figures I’ve collected. But since I already finished taking photos of this Tamaki and I need to catch up on some content, this shifuku version will have to charge forth and secure the beach head for the others to come.

And since I’m pressed for time, I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. It doesn’t help when Final Fantasy XIV and F1: 2010 are out now and have started occupying more of my time! But I think the pictures turned out pretty good here as I finally put my softbox to use when doing her shoot. Light flow is more even and less harsh shadows – definitely made my day when going through post processing.

I’m a fan of this version of Tamaki, she appears much more down to earth – like the girl next door. No weird, outlandish outfits or breasts the size of her head – just a girl in everyday clothing – something believable.

I also find the pose fairly appealing, cute yet playfully seductive at the same time. Her body slightly bent over, smiling at you while taking off (or putting on) her jeans. Now here’s something interesting, is she taking off or putting on the jeans? I still haven’t quite figured it out yet – I guess it’s up to your own interpretation, unless this is a scene from the game or source that I’m not aware of (which wouldn’t really surprise me). Hell, I don’t even know what shifuku version means – I assumed it meant something homely due to the way she’s dressed. lol When I searched for shifuku, the results I got were about tea bags. ^_^’

Although I’ve already done a few reviews on figures that are less than adequately dressed, my preference is still sensibly (or fashionably) dressed figures (and girls for that matter). Tamaki comes in 1/7 scale and stands around 23cm, but if she was standing upright, she’d be taller. I forgot to measure what that height would be though, but I guess 1/7 scale is fairly accurate.

Griffon Enterprises did a decent job with the paint work and detail on this Tamaki, particularly the stitching on her clothing and underwear. The translucent effect of her shirt is done really well, but the airbrushing near her wrist can be a little coarse if you look at her up close.

The jeans have some shading work, but aside from that it lacks finer details. Up close, it looks fairly plain and uninspiring. It matches her outfit though, so +1 for Tamaki’s sense of style and colour coordination. =P

Unfortunately the flat bottom that plagues many anime figures is apparent here as well. Poor Tamaki, bent over like this in such a seductively playful pose but has nothing to show for it. You’d think the sculpt should received a little more attention in this area as it’s one of the defining features of this figure’s pose. But c’est la vie, life goes on.

Tamaki is sculpted by Abira, who also did Aisaka Taiga, which I really like the design but it’s another one of those evil exclusives! Looking at some of the other sculpts by Abira, they all seem to suffer from flat bottoms though – so I guess Tamaki doesn’t have to feel left out at the next flat bottom anonymous meeting. ;-)

My Tamaki, unfortunately, suffers from assembly issues – not sure if it’s like this for others that have this figure. Her right leg is somewhat severed from her hips, leaving a nasty little gap for the world to see! Maybe Tamaki should’ve just left her pants on? LOL

The base is simplistic, but I kind of like the smooth satin finish with the shiny name plate up front.

This is one of the few Tamaki figures that I like, even with the flaws. I think the quality is up to par with what Griffon Enterprises usually come out with – but some times liking a figure doesn’t mean it has to be perfect. The overall presentation here is what counts, to me, and I think GE pulled it off with this figure. Tamaki has a really nice “homely” feel to her, like a girl that you can take home to meet your parents or a girl that you can come home to after a long day’s work.

And yes, I know you’re saying to yourself, “Hey! That sofa looks familiar!” and you’re right! When I saw Spica’s sofa – sorry – sexy sofa, I knew it would make a great accessory to Tamaki. The colour palette of the sofa just happen to match her really well.

Unfortunately, Tamaki is a little stiff when you put her on the sofa – looks like she’s having a hard time pulling up those jeans! ^_^’

For Tamaki’s shoot, I went back to the good’ol low key style and some black and white as I haven’t done this in awhile. Maybe it doesn’t make much sense with this figure, but then again, art never really has to make any sense.