Gran Turismo 5

So I picked up Gran Turismo 5 a few days ago – I’ve been waiting for this game for ages! I think that goes for a lot of people as well. Was it worth the wait? I definitely think so, but it seems like reviews have been somewhat critical of the game.

My favourite feature thus far has got to be the photo mode, I get a chance to take pics of different cars on the track or at photo shoot locations. Even better the in-game photo mode allows you to simulate some settings like a DSLR!

So far I’ve only completed my B license, I’ve been spending more time with the in-game camera than in the cars. This feature isn’t really something new, looks like it was in some other racing games as well, but I haven’t really played any other racing games for some time now. I haven’t been following GT5′s progression either, so I wasn’t aware of the features – everything is new and a surprise to me.

Reaching a certain level, I was able to unlock the Kart special events – I got a yellow kart. I’m not sure if the cars you receive in the game come in random colours or a set colour. It’d be pretty cool if you get different colours than your friends, makes it more interesting to trade. Colours are also important since you’ll need to acquire a certain paint colour first before you can paint any other cars with that colour. At least that’s what I’m experiencing thus far – not sure if you can buy paint colours later on.

I think it’s pretty amazing what you can do witinh the photo mode – you can move around the set, move the car, rotate it, adjust the wheel direction and also set the power output of the lights. You can have parking lights, low beam, high beam or off – I haven’t seen a foglight feature (yet) though. That would’ve been even better for cars that are equipped with fog lights.

While I was uploading the photos to my Gallery, I noticed something interesting – these photos actually contain EXIF data too! It shows the aperature size, shutter speed, zoom, etc.

I also found out last night you’re not restricted to only taking photos of cars either. While I was taking some photos in Market Street lastnight, I turned around and noticed a girl sitting there on a post. So for fun, I shot a photo of her talking on her cell phone and guess what? I actually got a PS3 Trophy for doing that – it was called The Portraitlist or something like that. I guess I’m not the only one out there who has thought about this if they’ve programmed something like this into the game.

That sort of made me wonder what else lies hidden in the game, what can I take photos of? Then I noticed I had an audience, someone was watching me. Unfortunately, I didn’t unlock a hidden trophy for this picture. LOL

And of coures, I can I go on without taking a photo of this car? There’s no doubt it was the first car I bought in the game. I’m just waiting to collect enough credits to buy an Audi or Lamborghini with an orange paint job so I can make this GTI into a Fahrenheit edition. :-P The Audi paint is a little dark though, the Lambo is more closely matched but has more pearl effect. The Lambo also costs 300,000%20 credits, it’ll be awhile till I collect that much credit – especially with all my time spent taking photos.

I’m going to try to keep this going and continue to update with more pictures as I go along. Hell, maybe I’ll even create a Flickr group or Facebook group – I’m sure there are other photographers out there that’s enjoying this virtual photography as much as I am. Hell, maybe there’s existing groups already – I’m gonna go check it out now. :D

Full resolutions of the photos can be found in my gallery, HERE. These smaller downsized images don’t do justice.