GO Dubn’ – May 2010 Edition

A little bit late on this, but I guess it’s better late than never! Haven’t updated the blog section much now that I’ve been working on the reviews section more and more. But it’s time to get back to the roots and update this thing!

We’ve been planning on the GO Dubn’ meet for a few months now, and many of us eagerly awaited for the May date to arrive. The local weather has been going up and down quite a bit lately so it was “anything goes”. A couple weeks ago it was 20+ degrees Celsius while the past week it’s been in the the low 10′s (and lower). A little odd for May, but most of us were already prepped, cars were washed and waxed and ready to roll!

So the date drew near and guess what? Nothing but rain! Honestly, I really wasn’t surprised – knowing my luck every time I go to an outdoor event – it rains. Well, it was actually way worse than rain this time though, not only was there rain, there was hail and a wind warning (100+ kph speeds). Seriously? In May?!

Well, before I continue, I’ll explain what GO Dubn’ is as I’m sure you may be wondering. A bunch of us MKV Volkswagen enthusiasts typically meet up just to hang around and chat. Last year we decided to meet at a large GO station parking lot and it ended up to be quite a success, so by popular demand we decided to get together again this year at the same location. But this time the meet was opened up to other make and models, though the mainstay was still VWs.

Heavy winds and rain didn’t deter us though, we had around 36 cars show up and we all had a blast. Didn’t do much with regards to photos, mostly quick group shots due to the weather. At first my hands kept shaking from the cold, but once they started freezing and get swollen it got easier to keep my hands steady. LOL

I’ve always loved taking photos in the rain though, I find it adds to the texture and dramatic effects of the photos. The photos didn’t turn out as well, mostly flat and boring due to the cloudy day lighting but at least it helped with keeping a consistent exposure. I took around 300 photos, not sure how I managed that, but I believe I did at least get a shot of each car that showed up. Did quite a bit of post processing with the photos, which I’m not really a fan of, but I’m fairly content with the results. The rain drops, pavement and cloud patterns make the photos a little gritty looking. A style of photo which I’ve been leaning towards more recently. Not sure what it is, but I tend to end up with dirty and gritty images when it comes to automotive photography. LOL

As a side note, I put on the Votex lip in place of the OSIR – thought I might go with this for awhile. I still can’t decide which I like more. The OSIR looks more aggressive to me, but the Votex lines flows better with the rest of the car (since it’s OEM) and from the front makes the stance look a little wider.

Rest of the photos can be seen in the gallery.