GO Dub’n 2011 – May Edition

So it’s been a long time since I’ve updated the blog section – hey, what can I say?  I’m just not a very good blogger.  Even the reviews section has been taking a nose dive recently, while I would love to update with more content I just find it hard to find the time.  But anyway, I’m trying to remedy that, you see, and here’s proof!  Yes, I’m actually posting today on something that happened LAST week.  lol

As some of you may know, I drive a Dub.  Yup, a VW GTI – and I’m pretty active in the local tuning scene.  No, we don’t do Fast & Furious burnouts, donuts, race for pinks, drift through the parking lot, etc.  Seriously, who does that?  Well, there may be idiots out there (tons on Youtube), but the meets I go to are kept civil.

This year’s iDub.ca GO Dub’n meet was held in May again (hopefully there’ be another later this year) and sponsored by EuroSport Tuning.  And following tradition, the weather was wet and wet some more.  Seriously, can we not have a big meet day where it doesn’t rain?  On the bright side, at least we don’t have to detail our cars (much).  =P

This event brought more variety in terms of VW models (and some non-VW’s), as with the Krispy Kreme meet we have on Thursday nights, it seems like [iDub] is growing as a community and we’re no longer as MKV centric, though MKV members still dominate a majority.  It’s definitely good to see some variations – but what I would like to see is more Fahrenheit GTIs.  Seriously, you’d think someone who buys an orange coloured limited edition GTI would be more keen with the local enthusiast scene.  But nope, I seem to be the only active one around.  Even at Vagkraft last year, I was the only Fahrenheit out of the hundreds of VWs there.  I’ve seen some modded Fahrenheits around town, but I just find it odd they don’t show up to these events more often.  I have to say, I am feeling a little lonely here.  lol

For a moment I thought I wasn’t able to make this meet due to having to go to Montreal for work.  But plans changed and I was able to come home before the weekend meet.  Sweet!  A couple of us met up at the local Krispy Kreme and cruised down to the GO station together – though the traffic was wet and slow, it was a nice cruise.  And yes, I said the GO station, hence the name GO Dub’n.  ;-)

The money collected for this year’s event (raffle/fundraiser) are donated to those affected by the recent earthquakes in Japan.  From what I was told, we amounted to over $700 for charity, our highest GO Dub’n contribution yet!  Special thanks to all the folks that donated and helped with the setup of the event, and thanks to Frank @ EuroSport Tuning.com for sponsoring once again.  Oh yeah, and also thanks to the kimono girls who braved the lousy weather helping hand out the goodies.

We even had special guests attend this meet!  Yup, GO Dub’n is a family event – feel free to bring the little ones as well!  A lot of people drive by just to have a look, some actually get out of their cars to come talk to us.  But I guess most are intimidated by a lot full of modified cars, so they just drive around and leave, but the curiousity is always there to lure them in.  I remember once we had a meet at a lot somewhere and there was a senior lady that was so scared to walk to her car.  We weren’t even doing anything, just standing around talking, but even that is enough to intimidate some people.  She eventually ran to her car and peeled out of the lot, but I can’t help but wonder if we were really that scary or if the media had played into the minds of some people.  You know, street racing, F&F movies and all… we felt bad for that lady, but she dashed for her car rather quickly and was gone before we could say, “Volkswagen”.

This annual GO Dub’n event started out as a small get together for the east-enders, but it eventually grew to a large sized meet of MKV Volkswagens.  As the community grew (from TorontoMKV.com to iDub.ca), more variety of car enthusiasts started to join in on the events.  While Volkswagens are still the core, we now range from all Euro to JDM and even some domestics.

If anyone’s in the GTA (or surrounding area) that’s interested in coming out some time, or want to pop on the forum to join in on wacky discussions, hit up www.idub.ca / www.vwvortex.com !  And yes, we got a permit to use the lot for the event, or so I was told.  lol  But hey, it’s for charity!!  :)

More pics from the May 2011 edition of GO Dub’n can be found on my flicker page.