[08.04.12] Updated Gallery 3, fixed some errors that came with the update.
[08.06.11] Updated to Gallery 3, working on new site and gallery layout.
[09.14.10] Working on new theme template changes so you may see things change around lately.
[06.06.10] Re-arranged the albums - decided to merge the previous photoworks folder with the general folder. Thought this might be a bit easier to browse as there were getting to be too many subfolders to deal with. This will also go in line with the new pages I'm planning.
[01.28.10] Updated some albums as well as started up the reviews section. Still gotta work on the main site though!
[09.01.09] Had a few engagement and wedding sessions this past month, so that slowed the update of the website down. But I managed to upload some of the wedding photos in the Photoworks section. Have a look!
[08.08.09] The gallery have undergone another change, and all data was wiped. I'm now burning oil trying to repair all the damages from a script that I tried out. Please check back later for updates - thanks for visiting!

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