Enter the Galactic Fairy!

Gone on somewhat of a spending spree with new Macross stuff lately, one of the new arrivals is the Sheryal Nome (In Concert) figure, by Megahouse as part of their Excellent Model series. This is my first figure of this type and proportion, it’s roughly 24cm tall and rivals the size of my Yamato Valkyries. lol I’m running out of storage space!

Sheryl Nome is a character from Macross Frontier, who lived amongst the Galaxy Fleet and is known as the Galactic Fairy. Her travel takes her to the Frontier Fleet where the series takes place. In the first couple of episodes, I didn’t like her character as much, she seemed like another snobbish/smutty songstress – but as the story develops, you see more of her personal side and that did make me warm up to the character more. I thought she was going to be another Lynn Minmay, but I’m starting to like Sheryl’s personality more. Minmay became all business with her career, which created a feeling of distance. No wonder she lost Hikaru! I’ve got some more coming in, so stay tuned!

Anyway, here’s a sample shot of her figure with Canon 5DII, EF 100 macro lens @ ISO 3200.

More of her pics can be seen in the gallery.

Sheryl Nome

Sheryl Nome