Elusive Narika

Being late to the game sucks some times!  With my recent interest in collecting some figures, I came across the figure of Narika Shihoudou by ALTER.  I’ve become a fan of ALTER figures as their quality and sculpts are top notch!  This figure of Narika was released around September of 2009 I believe and it’s sold out everywhere I’ve searched (even on ebay).  Now that’s a bit surprising, is this a limited release?  Or is it just that popular?  Take a look at the figure and I guess it’s easy to see why she’s a popular figure; funny thing is, the Haruka figure that was released months before is still readily available.  I’m sure Narika’s availability will start popping up again in the near future (hoping) – but at the moment my Haruka looks pretty lonely standing there by herself.  LOL


Narika Shihoudou

Update 1: Well, looks like I’m not the only one that’s having a hard time tracking this figure down.  Aka over at OMGWebsite seems to be having some trouble as well – darn!  :-(  Through communications with some of the retailers, it seems like Alter has stopped productions of this figure already and will most likely not do another run.  Here’s hoping though…

Update 2: Finally caught her!  See updated post here.