E2046: Elsa

It’s funny how some things work out unintentionally - prime example is this review of E2046′s Elsa.  This review has probably some of the best photos I’ve ever produced that no one will ever see…

Note: the following review contains 18+ material and is NSFW.  Readers discretion is advised.  =)

So here we are – the Elsa review I’ve been itching (yet somewhat hesitant) to put out since her release.  I mean come on, it’s only been a year (6 months from the E2046 release)!  Elsa was initially released as a garage kit figure, designed by Diskvision, but since there’s no way I’d ever be able to piece together a GK figure and paint it adequately, I had to resort to the secondary market.  The first time I saw Elsa’s prototype photos at last year’s Wonder Festival, I fell in love with her – the face sculpt was beautiful, the eyes are alluring and the pose stunning.  The only thing I had qualms about was the fact she was completely naked.  Yup, save for some fishnet stockings, heels and weird arm/neck band things, she is completely, utterly in the nude!  Elsa is easily one of the most beautiful figures I currently have in my collection that will probably never get displayed.

Elsa is really unique amongst my collection as she has a realistic face and body sculpt (albeit slightly exaggerated at certain parts) – above all, she has a nose!  It’s funny how most anime figures lack a proper nose, but they look okay.  But imagine a real person without a visible nose, that’d be pretty freaky, huh?

Another captivating feature about Elsa that caught my eye when I saw her prototype was her eye lashes.  She had actual eye lashes!  It probably wasn’t anything new, but it was new to me as I was pretty new to the figure collecting hobby.  The eye lashes look pretty fake up close, in person, but in a photo, they look quite beautiful and helps make her eyes stand out.  It also helps add to the realism effect – well done Diskvision – and subsequently E2046 and Hobby Fan.  LOL

Elsa was released as a re-cast by E2046 and more recently Hobby Fan.  Had I known Hobby Fan was going to release a version of Elsa, I would’ve gotten theirs for two reasons.  One, I think Hobby Fan’s paint quality is better than E2046′s, and also Hobby Fan has magnetic attachable clothing.  The clothing look like crap - no offense Hobby Fan - it makes Elsa look fat (in pictures anyway) and she loses the beautiful body sculpt, which is her defining feature.  But then again, at least I could’ve displayed Elsa with clothes on!  The magnetic outfit is also what delayed Hobby Fan’s release, allowing E2046 to get the lead in market sales.  I thought about ordering an Elsa from Hobby Fan to do a comparison review, but I just don’t have the budget for it.  As a side note, their 1/4 KOS-MOS is simply beautiful and stunning – which I didn’t get a chance to review yet.  If anyone at Hobby Fan is reading this and would like to offer me an Elsa for comparison review, please e-mail me or leave a comment!  ^_~

So anyway, when I saw that E2046 was going to release Elsa, I impetuously jumped on her, uh – I mean – it!  It took awhile for E2046 to finally receive stock, but I was surely to be one of the first few people to get her.  You see, receiving Elsa as part of the first batch is both a blessing and a curse.  You get what you really want, but then you pay the price of being the guinea pig batch, the test group, the cannon fodder.  While the Elsa I received is beautiful and well done, there are many points that I found lacking.  I’m not sure if it’s just because I got the first batch, which is usually the rush order to appeal to the masses, or that subsequent batches are the same.  I’m sure the subsequent batches are improved but I won’t know for sure and my review will be based upon what I have in front of me.  That is, if anyone from E2046 is also reading this and would like to send me another Elsa, perhaps the dark skinned version, for a comparison review then please e-mail me or leave a comment!  ^_~


E2046′s paint work, overall, appears a little crude on Elsa, there are some nice tone and shading here and there but the colours seem off.  A lot of the darker areas appear really pink and unnatural to the rest of her skin colour.  What I also found disappointing was the finish on the paint work – it’s way too glossy!  Shining a light on Elsa, no matter hard or soft will produce an unnatural shiny reflection.  Post processing fixed that up a bit, but as you can see in the pictures, the sharper parts of her body are still reflecting quite a bit of light.  Bonus about the lighting is that it really shows off the sculpt and the amount of body detail Elsa has.

Elsa’s face is somewhat of an enigma to me, her face seems to change depending on the angle you look at her.  From the left side, she looks skinner and has a sharper chin.  But from the front, her face looks rounder and she looks more baby-faced.  It’s like she changed from a girl in her twenties to a girl in her teens.  Sexy -> cute -> sexy -> cute.  Then slightly from her right, she looks like a different person.  @_@

E2046 also should’ve taken more care painting her mouth – there’s a glob of paint insider her mouth, on her teeth which really ruins close up photos of her.  Poor girl used too much lipstick and it all ended up in her mouth!

Aside from the glossy paint finish, another drawback from this E2046 version was the quality control.  I noticed A LOT of black specks and dust debris in her hair and all over her body…


…but remember when I stated it’s funny how some things work out unintentionally?  Well, the somewhat bad quality control on Elsa actually turned out to be a nice surprise when I uploaded Elsa’s photos.  Aside from the glossy skin, black specks and dust debris, the prep work on Elsa prior to the paint job is kinda bad as well.  You can sort of see the material’s roughness, like it wasn’t sanded down smoothly prior to the paint application.  This led to the skin looking fairly uneven and porous – particularly under a macro lens.

But then I found a surprising twist to this during my post processing session – all the unevenness, pores, black specks start to look hauntingly realistic when I upped the contrast on the photos.  With my prefered harsh lighting setup, this created a visually appealing Elsa that makes her look almost like a real girl!

Save for her hair, which is too static, I think the rest of her look pretty realistic, no?  If she had a Barbie doll hair, maybe these few photos could fool some people that aren’t looking too closely.  In the first photo, you can see a few black specks on her body, which I thought added to the realism effect as they’re kind of like black beauty marks on a human body.  The roughness of the resin material, contributed by the rough gradiant of the shadows, produces an effect which I think makes her body look like actual skin.  Take note of the rib area, the armpit, under breast and pelvic regions.

The black and white versions may be a little less realistic as her skin looses surface detail in the low key setting.  But I like the way they turned out too – can these photos be considered fine art, rather than hentai?  I’ve always preferred low key photography, I find they can be dramatic and say quite a lot with so little.  I was already thinking about taking some photos like these for Elsa when I got her, but during a Victoria’s Secret store visit to buy a gift certificate, I noticed a number of photos of the Angels are in a low key setting, just like how I envisioned Elsa’s photo to be.  It really helped motivate me to get Elsa’s photos completed.  Say what you will, but I honestly do admire the photos in the Victoria’s Secret store and their catalogues, they have some really great composition and lighting.  For those who don’t know, Victoria’s Secret just started opening up stores in Canada last summer.

I’m normally a very harsh critic of my work and don’t like to toot my own horn - but I think I did a pretty good job witht he above three.  They’re easily my favourite out of this batch.  I also don’t normally post the full scaled photos in the reviews, but I think these deserve to be seen unscaled.  These may honestly be some of the best photos I’ve produced that no one will ever see, unfortunately!  The middle B&W picture could’ve used a little more light on Elsa’s face though…

So, back from tooting that perverbial horn, Elsa’s shading work is somewhat on the harsh side.  The shading isn’t as smooth as the one shown in the prototye photos.  The shaded areas are often too dark and not enough gradiant leading up to them.  The palette is also too much on the red side, so it looks rather fake closer up.  See the bottom breast photos, pay more attention to under the breasts as the photos zoom closer.  In particular, the bottom pic looks like Elsa had harsh bra straps digging in under her breasts and left a mark there.  And the vertical line going down to her belly button, it’s shaded rather pink and harsh as well, although you can’t tell given the way I took the photos and processed them.


I’m not normally a breast person, but I have to admit Elsa definitely have a nice set of breasts and perky sculpted nipples.  The paint work on the breasts is pretty good, but as you can see in the image above, the surface is not smooth like regular PVC figures.  You can see some textures, which is one of the oddities I mentioned earlier that actually help enhance Elsa’s photographic presence.  Whether this was intentional on E2046′s part, I’m not sure – but I’m really guessing it’s not.  Her breasts may be oversized for her body, but they have a natural look to them.  For the most part, I don’t have much to complain about with regards to her upper front torso, the body sculpt is superb.  The lines on her body shows off her body very well in just about any lighting situation.

From the side, however, things are a little different.  It still looks great, and it looks like Elsa works out quite a bit, but I think her hip bones are a little on the rough side. It could be due to the recast, but the original photos from the Diskvision model appeared to be more smooth - they’re pronounced, but isn’t as sharply cut on the edges.

Edit:  Also, forgot to mention that Elsa’s belly button here is a little deep and it seems like E2046 just drilled a hole rather than have it curve inwards smoothly.  Not that noticeable, but the latter would’ve been much better.

One other feature of Elsa, is that her vaginal area is right there in your face, while her crossed legs sort of tuck it away from your eyes’ focus, it is still very easily seen.  Again, this may be a re-cast issue, but the shape of Elsa’s v-spot appears a little different from the Diskvision version.  Here, it is almost Native like, whereas the Diskvision appears to be more realistic (bit of lips and all).  Okay, yeah, that was really weird to type and sounded really strange in my head.  Hey, this is my second figure review that actually details this portion of the female anatomy.  =P

Elsa’s hair is quite nice, albeit static and hard looking.  I appreciate the original sculptor’s attempt and design though, it’s definitely got a lot more detail than most figures out there.  I also really like the way Elsa is combing through her hair with her hands – although I don’t quite get what the pose is ultimately telling me.  She does look cute and graceful for a naked girl.

And now, the money shots!  Another one of the beautiful asspect of Elsa is her back side.  Diskvision did an amazing job with her rump, the drawback here is that pretty much all the negative things I’ve said about E2046′s paint application applies here.  Her backside is waaaaay too glossy and the shading for the skin is way too dark.  Here are two pictures that shows this – while I sorta FUBAR’d on the white balance here – you can see how the wrinkles in Elsa’s skin looks rather fake, more so on the left pic than the right.  The dark-ish pink shading used just seem relly bad and makes Elsa look like she’s wearing a meat suit rather than it being her skin.  This is somewhat contradicting to how she looks from the front.

The glossy nature of the paint finish also made her ass look flat, particularly her right butt cheek in the pictures below.  That glossy halo around her butt sort of creates a visual effect as if something is pressed up against them.  When looking at Elsa in person though, this isn’t as big of an issue as lighting changes depending on your movement and how you’re looking at Elsa.

The wrinkles in the skin, I understand, is really hard to sculpt, I guss you can say it appears to be folding the right way, but it still looks really awkward to me, I can’t put my finger on why that is.  It looks rubbery and un-skin like, from what I see on some of the other “bending” Diskvision figures, they all have this issue.  But I’m thinking it really has more to do with the way it’s painted than the actual sculpt.


Elsa’s outfit, or lack thereof, is an interesting one.  Long pink thigh-high fishnet stockings with two cute ribbons at the back.  I have a hard time determining what type of girl Elsa is and what she does for a living.  You look at the fishnet stockings and high heels and the mind automatically wanders to stripper or hooker – but I’d like to think there’s more to Elsa than meets the eyes.  I had thought about taking a photo of her beside a dancing pole, but I couldn’t find the materials to build a set.  C’est la vie!  I’m glad I didn’t build that set though, as it probably would’ve looked pretty shitty.  And Elsa seems to fit more with catalogue style photos (like the very last pic in this review).  The beauty of an original character design is that there’s no background and you can perceive the character based upon what you’re presented.  While that may be bland and a deficit for some figures out there, I don’t think that’s the case with Elsa.  I feel her eyes tell a pretty good story on their own.

Before I forget, Elsa is rated at 1/5 scale – she’s definitely got some height to her, especially with her hair up in the air.  At roughly 40cm in length, you better have enough clearance for her!  Luckily, she’s rather vertical and doesn’t take up much real estate.  Her legs are also very long and sexy, they may be somewhat disproportioned to her body, but it’s not something you notice when looking at her as a whole.  The footware looks fragile, and I’m sure the heels are, but her legs are sturdy and her feet are situated in the base firmly.

Speaking of the base, E2046′s release of Elsa comes with a base of their own design – it’s a transparent pink disc with the word ELSA written on it.  I actually like this base as it seems to glow beautifully even in the dimmest lighting conditions – it really suits Elsa well.


And so, there you have it folks, my first fully nude figure review and probably my last!  While there are a few other Diskvision figures that caught my eyes, I’m not sure if I’ll get them or not as I probably will never be able to display them.  Having them sit in a box just doesn’t seem fair to these work of art.

One thing about Elsa that I feel differs from her “sister figures” (Eve, Angelica, Erika, Grace) is that she has more of a nice girl aura about her.  The other girls, save for Erika, seem like Japanese AV idols.  Erika seem to be on similar lines of Elsa, both these girls have a more innocent face.  Erika and Elsa are both blondes, but Erika appears to have blue eyes whereas Elsa has brown.  Elsa’s facial feature also screams Asian, so I’m not sure if she’s suppose to be mixed or an Asian girl that dyed her hair blonde?  In fact, I had to look it up in Google to see if blonde hair with brown eyes are even genetically possible.  I guess the answer is yes, but I’ve never met a natural blonde with brown eyes - that’d be interesting.  Either way, Asian/Caucasian mixed girls are hot!  =P

Edit:  I went back and had a look at the Diskvision version again, and it looks like Elsa had blue-gray eyes.  But my E2046 version came brown.  Hmmm, sneaky!

I really do appreciate these well sculpted figures by Diskvision, and thankful for companies like E2046 and Hobby Fan that are able to provide a pre-painted kit for those of us who aren’t able to do it properly ourselves.  If there’s any chance one of these girls come out as a PVC version, I’ll definitely pick one up.  [Oh great, so I have just contradicted myself in two paragraphs.]  If anyone’s thinking of getting Elsa, I would definitely recommend the go ahead.  The only decision is whether to go for the E2046 version or the Hobby Fan version, there might be some other vendors out there, but these are the two I commonly shop at and trust.  Subsequent batches of Elsa from E2046 might have better quality than mine, but if you want a covered up Elsa, Hobby Fan the wa to go.  That is unless you’re good at sewing miniture clothing.

To be honest, if I displayed Elsa, it probably wouldn’t be so bad.  Elsa doesn’t look skanky or slutty, you can say she appears refined – maybe you can even consider her along the line of fine art sculptures?  Hey, Aphrodite was sculpted naked on numerous occasions throughout history, the only difference between her and Elsa is that Elsa has arms.  =P

Elsa was really fun to take photos of, the pink backdrop was kinda inspired by the visit to the Victoria’s Secret store – they had a pink motif going on there when I visited around Valentine’s Day.  Yep, that’s how long I’ve been sitting on this review and these photos.  With the recent site updates and lack of content, I guess Elsa is a good way to help kick things off again as I get back on the saddle.  So maybe I’m wrong, perhaps people will actually see these photos afterall.  I mean, you’ve read this far haven’t you?!


I wonder what happened last night?