Dragon Toy: Elsa (Comparison Review)

Note: the following review contains 18+ material and is NSFW.  Readers discretion is advised.  =)

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been four months since my last post.  Some family stuff came up and then Guild Wars 2 and Steam winter holiday sales.  ^_^’  While I would like to say Elsa is the figure that got me back into working on the site, that honour really goes to Kotobukiya’s Jaina Solo.  But then I got Elsa and this review took priority – I’ve been hoping for a PVC version of this figure since I saw the garage kit version.  If this version was announced earlier, I would’ve picked it up instead of the garage kit.  But that’s not saying the GK version is bad, I just have a slight preference for PVC figures over resin/cold cast due to durability.  That said let’s check out this figure and what’s different between the GK version.

Since I’ve already written a review of E2046′s Elsa (GK version), this review will be fairly brief with more photos than text.  For the most part, the two figures are very similar, but I’ll showcase the new figure a bit before getting into the comparison.  The PVC Elsa is manufactured by Daiki Kougyo under a new brand name called Dragon Toy – which really confused me as I when saw Dragon Toy I immediately thought of the military figure company which has a very similar name.  I’m not sure why Daiki Kougyo decided to produce Elsa under a different brand, maybe to distinguish a different line-up and quality from their usual figures?  I’m hoping this means more diskvision (sculptor) figures porting over from garage kits into PVC.  Anyway, Elsa is advertised as 1/5 scale, same as the GK version – but I had forgotten just how huge this figure was until I saw her box.  The box alone was roughly half a meter in height – I don’t know why I was expecting any less – perhaps it was because the E2046 version came with Elsa separated and in a smaller box.

The box is really simple, pink window box with floral patterns showcasing the figure’s front and backside.  I guess if you’re the type of collector that likes to display figures in boxes, this is a perk for you.  Neko_Oni mentioned in her review the box said “No Recasting” on the back.  Truth be told, I didn’t even notice that – it is rather funny they indicate this on the box when there’s already recast versions of the garage kit.

Given that Elsa comes in such an open concept box, Elsa is covered up with tissue paper while in the packaging.  The bottom part actually look a bit like a skirt, I’ve always wondered what Elsa looks like clothed up… lol


When it was announced that Elsa was going to be manufactured under the Dragon Toy brand name, I got a little nervous as to how well the quality will be like on the production models.  I’m glad to say, however, that all fear and doubt were cast aside when I got my hands on Elsa.  The overall finish is clean and lack blemishes, which is important as she’s 98% nude.

If there is one downside to this figure, I would say it’s the manufacture’s decision to make Elsa’s hair glittery.  As I’ve mentioned in the GK Elsa review, Elsa’s hair is the most unrealistic and static looking part of her body even though it’s suppose to portray flowing/falling hair – adding a pearl/glitter effect to it only makes it worse.

As far as I can tell, the production model doesn’t stray far from the prototype, nor the original GK, but I find the eyes different.  The production model of Elsa appears to have bigger and rounder eyes, they also stare a little more lower to the left instead of upward left.

The breasts and abs are as sexy as the original sculpt, nothing to complain here – there are a lot of body sculpt detail on Elsa, which may not be noticeable at first glance or flat lighting.

There were some people concerned with whether Elsa would come with a “Barbie doll crotch” as the prototype shots were all censored – but it didn’t really concern me as I knew it wouldn’t be so.  Those that were concerned can take a deep relaxing breath as the production Elsa is anatomically correct (sort of).  Even though she’s completely nude and her vaginal area is there in plain view, I really like how it’s subtlely done.  I think it adds a little class to the figure, for what it’s worth. =P

The fishnets are excellently done, very fine and very detailed – they look realistic and are very tight against her legs.  The pink bows on the back of her stocking are cute and adds a little girly touch to her mature body.  The bows are flat baby (hot) pink though and lack shading of any sort, but in this case I think it’s forgiveable.

The stilleto look dangerous and hard to walk in, but I’m not a girl and never worn a stilleto heel before so I wouldn’t know.  Maybe it’s like skating?  lol  One minor gripe with my Elsa is that her heels don’t sit fully on the display disc, I didn’t try to force it down too much but it seems like this was a far as her feet would go into the pegs, leaving a slight gap.

Though Elsa would be predominately displayed front facing, I wouldn’t hold it against anyone who decides to display her back facing.  Elsa’s back and ass are very beautifully sculpted, the way her skin slightly folds and the detail of her spine is not something you find often in figures.  While I still find the wrinkle in her skin a little weird to look at, my eyes tend to drift focus more on her ass – it can’t be helped! ^_^’

Tier mentioned in his review (which was put up last night) that Elsa’s eyes could be whiter to make it pop a little more and stand out from her skin colour.  I actually didn’t notice this until he mentioned it, but he has a point.  I think lighting also plays a part, since her head is slightly tilted and the hair and arms can cast shadows on her face, it does seem brighter eyes would help maker her glance a little more striking.

The hair, as I’ve already mentioned, feels a little lifeless even though it’s portrayed as mid-movement and has very detailed strands.  The pearl like effect doesn’t help either – so I’m interested to see what the the black hair version of Elsa will look like.  Yes, I pre-ordered that too, I couldn’t resist.  I think part of why the hair looks lifeless and hard are due to the tips where her left hand is holding up her hair in the air.  They should still curve and drape downwards a little, instead of pointing straight up – you know, a little something we call gravity.

Do note how well her nails are painted though – kudos to the painter – I really hate nails that are carelessly painted.  Often cheaper manufacturers would just dip a blob of paint on the finger and call it a day.  Learn to “‘draw inside the lines”, people!!!

So that’s the overview of the PVC version – you can check out my GK review for more detail as both sculpts are pretty much the same so my comments would basically apply to both versions.  Any specific differences, I’ll mention in the following comparison.

From head to toe, the PVC Elsa stands at roughly 33cm in height – that’s tall!  When I took her out of the box, I was really impressed with the 1/5 scale and just how big she is.  Then I assembled the GK version from E2046 to do the comparison photos.  I was really surprised to find out that the garage kit Elsa was actually 1cm taller than the PVC version.  1cm may not sound like much, but as you can see below, it is visually significant.  The PVC version seem to be at a slightly smaller scale than the garage kit!

I wondered if it could be that E2046 altered their Elsa, but I highly doubt it as they would’ve had to spend a lot of effort on the recast just to make her slightly larger.  So which is truly at 1/5 scale?  The garage kit or the PVC version?  I would place my bet on the garage kit, then why is the PVC version smaller?  All the body proportions look the same to me, just at a slightly smaller scale.

Before I go any further though, I’d just like to mention that since I’m comparing the PVC to a garage kit, the GK figure may vary from owner to owner depending on the crafstmanship of the painter.  In the below sample, you can see the main differences between the GK and PVC are the eyes and hair colour.  E2046′s version lack the pearl effect int he hair with a slightly warmer tone.  I prefer the brighter yellow in the PVC version, but find it a little too shiny.  In the original diskvision garage kit Elsa, the hair was more like the PVC version but less shiny.

The E2046 version is more true to the original garage kit with the eyes – they appear wider and slimmer with 3D eye lashes.  In truth, both version have similarly wide eyes, but the PVC version appears to be taller and more open.  I wouldn’t have noticed this on the E2046 version, but now that I compare them side by side, the GK Elsa looks a little sleepy. lol  Her eyes appear to squint more, giving off a shifty look.

I assume the PVC version lacks the 3D eye lashes due to mass production, timing and cost.  It must be a bitch to do those 3D eye lashes, especially if you’re mass producing.  Comparing the two, I prefer the eyes on the PVC version – they look a more energetic to me.

The mouth on the GK also appears to be opened more with the paint application being more saturated and the nose bridge a little sharper.

Both versions have equally detailed sculpt of the throat and collar area, but you might notice that the E2046 version has a deeper pink skin tone.  Looks like they went a little more aggressive on the shading and body colour.  I prefer the more subtle shading in the PVC version, but the E2046 skin colours help the body details pop better visually.

A small detail you may or may not have noticed is the pink bands around Elsa’s body.  The PVC version is more true to the original GK in that it is pink on the flat/outter side, and black on the inside.  The E2046 version has the armbands and collar painted completely pink.

Both versions have similarly shaped breasts, barely any difference and true to the original garage kit sculpt.

The nipples on the E2046 version are painted a bit darker though, and slightly bigger due to her scale.  There’s really no say which one is better, just your own preference whether you like darker coloured nipples or lighter.  lol

Both versions retain excellent detail in the hair, but comparing them side by side, I would say the pearl-like effect of the PVC version actually make it appear slightly softer and more fluid.

Details in the left hand and pose are the same as well, though the PVC version (right photo) may appear different due to the camera angle.  Alright! No rings – she’s single!  ^_~

Both bodies retain the same detail as the original garage kit, though the E2046 appears more chiseled and the edges are sharper.  I think they were a little careless with the recast and finishing of the mold.  I mentioned in the E2046 Elsa review that the belly button also appeared roughly done, as if someone just poked a hole in her tummy whereas the PVC version is more smooth, like a real belly button.  No “outties” here!

A closer look at one of Elsa’s defining features – her pelvic bone!  The E2046 is sharper and appears to protrude out a bit more than the PVC version (lower pic).  I prefer the more rounded PVC version, but the harsher E2046 version help make the detail pop more in photographs.

Both versions have subtlely sculpted and painted vagina – not vulgarly done nor thrown “in your face”.  Elsa has more class.  :)

One difference that I hadn’t paid much attention to was the fishnet stockings.  The E2046 is true to the original GK, where the fishnetting is pink in colour and have bigger loops.  But that’s not to say the PVC version is worse, I actually like the PVC version more as it appears finer and the black helps contrast her skin and pink bands.

You’ll also notice the pink used in the E2046 version is brighter and almost orange like when compared to the warm, hot pink of the PVC version.

Not much difference regarding the back sides, but as you can see, E2046 was a little more heavy handed with the shading of Elsa’s skin, which does help the detail pop more in photos though.  The sculpt is also a little more defined in the E2046 version.

Both versions have the same great ass – it’s hard to look away or at anything else!  I mentioned earlier in the review that Elsa is sort of anatomically correct because diskvision didn’t bother with sculpting an anus on Elsa.  Sure, you won’t really see it anyway given her pose, but it wouldn’t have hurt if it was done – attention to finer details help complete a figure’s overall presentation.

That said, now the PVC version is out and widely available to collectors, I wonder E2046 would do?  It looks like they’re still offering the GK version of Elsa, which is cool, but who would buy a finished GK when the PVC version is available?  The PVC definitely doesn’t fall behind in any category compared to the GK, the body sculpt may be slightly less defined, but it’s not something of a concern.  If you’re debating to get a completed GK version from E2046 or Hobby Fan, I would recommend sticking to the PVC version for duarbility, cost and more standardized production.  Thena gain, it looks like the Hobby Fan version has magnetic clothing, so if that’s your thing, there’s a bonus!  I had thought of making (or buying) some 1/5 scaled clothing for Elsa before, just because I think she would look great clothed too and it would help with the ability to display her with less scrutiny from family and friends.  But what the hell, Elsa’s not vulgar in anyway, and I would just divert their attention to classic Greek/Romain female sculptures.  lol

One thing I forgot to mention though is the display base – the E2046 actually comes with a fairly nice looking clear pink disc base that says Elsa on it.  The Dragon Toy version comes with a boring, flat black disc.  Come on Daiki (or Dragon Toy), you guys can do better!  Hopefully the new limited edition black-haired Elsa will have a more special display base, but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s been awhile, so I’m trying to get back into the game with the photos and writing, sorry for all the tense and grammar errors.  ^_^’ With that out of the way, let’s just conclude this post with some more photos of the Dragon Toy Elsa!  Starting with a little tribute to my favourite pic in the E2046 Elsa photo shoot.

Lighting and colours actually make her body look somewhat realistic – stupid hair ruined it though! =P

And just playing around with post process filters … just cuz it’s my thing, I guess.  A lot of similar angles, but I found it hard to stop taking photos of her as she’s so photogenic.  I really like the more realistic look about her (compared to the usual anime figures that is) and the way lighting bounces off her body.

Next review, Kotobukiya’s Jaina Solo…