Dollfie Dream: Evelyn

To my family and friends, I probably have some weird hobbies – in particular, collecting anime figures.  I have to admit, it felt a little weird when I first started but I’ve grown accustomed to this hobby now so I really have no problems with it.  Even so, I’ve always felt weird about Dollfie Dream collecting, because quite frankly they’re just creepy.  So it is really a huge surprise to myself when I found myself picking up my first “daughter”…

I made a pre-order for Evelyn roughly nine months ago, she finally arrived on March 5th, to much relief.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I could take the waiting any longer – all the distractions leading up to her release date was getting a little dreary.

Evelyn, as I’m going to call her, comes in 1/1 scale at roughly 53cm in height.  She came packaged with blood and stuff and poo and a lot of “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah”, but after the first couple of days, she settled down and have been surprisingly quiet throughout the night.

Okay, so seriously speaking, this isn’t a Dollfie Dream review, nor do I ever plan on getting into that stuff.  As I’ve said, dolls creep me out – maybe it has something to do with seeing Chucky at too early an age.  Plus, I now have one daughter, I think that’s enough drama.  So the saying goes, when you have a son, you only have to worry about one dick – but when you have a daughter, you have to worry about all the other dicks.  LOL  That’s probably true, but I’m not quite there yet (thank goodness), I’m not sure how I feel about this topic yet, but I’ll find out in the years to come.


I didn’t take too many pictures of Evelyn on the day of her birth, as all the goriness isn’t really something that needs to be remembered.  But I did make sure to take a few embarassing photos to make her life miserable at a later stage in life and to perhaps fend off potential dicks.

This picture below is probably my favourite, probably due to the DoF effect, the sepia and it looked like one of the pictures on the wall at the hospital.  The nurse was giving Evelyn some eye drops, baby didn’t look happy.  lol

I didn’t have a baby cap at the time the baby was delivered, so the hospital provided a cap – needless to say it was too small for her large head (which I will make fun of when she’s older).  She kinda looks like the Pope in this picture… baby pictures on the first couple of days are never really flattering, if you ask me, but still gotta capture those precious moments.

So then I brought in a bigger cap for her, I can’t say it look any better, but at least her head was kept warm.  Maybe she’s just not a hat person?  While the above picture look a little Catholic, the bottom one makes her look like Buddah, or one of those fortune god statues you find at Chinese restaurants.

The second day blood test indicated Evelyn had borderline jaundice, so the doctor recommended hooking her up to the “light” for twelve hours.  When I heard this news over the phone, I thought they were going to put her in one of those old see-through tanks with a light on top (like a tanning bed).  When I got back to the hospital though, I found they had hooked her up to a blue light therapy thing – the blue LEDs made her look so alien.  Too bad the light wasn’t green though, otherwise there’d be some nice Borg jokes for her later on.  Just look at technology now, this is pretty cool – if people see this a few hundred years ago, they’d definitely think she’s an alien baby.

Evelyn definitely has feminine poses – she hates it when her arms are wrapped in the blanket, she always finds some way to get her hands free.  She also sleeps a lot better throughout the night (thank goodness) compared to her brother at this stage.  Sometimes looking at her chubby face, I can’t tell if I’m looking at a boy or girl.  She looks a lot like her brother when he was a few days old…thank goodness for her more feminine features.

So for fun, the wife decided to dress Evelyn up in the same outfit her brother wore when we took him home from the hospital.  So, looking below, who’s who?!  LOL

At four days old, Evelyn’s already making weird anime-like faces… makes me wonder what she’s gonna be like when she grows up.

Since I’ve merged the personal blog and the reviews together into one page, I don’t think I’ve posted anything personal - hell, this is probably the real first personal post I’ve done on my site.  Thought I’d take a break from all the figures, cars and games related topics and throw in a little more info about myself.  With social media being ever so popular, personal life has become all too public and common nowadays.  Even so, I still don’t like talking about personal stuff much on the Internet – but since this is also a personal site I think it’s time to change things up a little.  With two kids, work and a helluva lot of hobbies, it’s going to be hard to keep up to date with reviews, so it’s time for some quick filler content whenever I find time.  lol

So yeah…. sorry, I’m not a 40-year old virgin living in the basement of my parents’ house – I live upstairs.

j/k!  ^_^’