Canon Lens Thermal Mug

Heard about the Canon Lens Thermal Mug a few weeks ago (they were given away at the Vancouver Winter Olympics), but didn’t pay much attention to it.  Then I got an e-mail today from Canon indicating that they were giving these away with purchases of $200 or more from their eStore.  I searched around and looks like Henry’s and Vistek had pre-orders going since last week!

I’m too late, however, and most sources have all sold out of these lens mugs.  :-(  Damn!!!

Well, I tried my luck and purchased a small P&S from the eStore – I hope I get the mug with it!  Yes, I’m nuts and I’m doing all this for a stupid cup.  LOL  When I talked to the Canon rep, they said it’s limited quantities and it’s first come first serve but wouldn’t say how many were available.  Yeah, that’s great, so maybe they only had 5?

To all the people who pre-ordered hoarded 2, 3, 4 or 5 mugs at one time, I hope you get burnt by the blistering hot coffee when you drink from it!!!  Well, not really, I’m just jealous.  LOL

These mugs are scheduled for release mid April (unless you get it directly from the eStore).