BSH Stage 2+ PCV/Catch Can Installed

Spent a couple hours yesterday morning to install the BSH PCV Stage 2+ PCV fix with Catch Can.  It replaces the OEM PCV system and adds a catch can to collect the waste, oil, vapours, etc.  No more worrying about the typical PCV leak anymore, although I can’t say I’ve ever had a problem with it (yet).  I’ll just have to keep an eye on the Diverter Valve now and make sure it’s not leaking boost.

The install was rather simple, although there were points where you say, “grrrrr”.  Actually, there was just one point where I had to say “grrrr”.  That was removing the driver side hose from the stock PCV system.  I was afraid of damaging the clips that was holding the hose in place, you have to be really careful and patient when removing the clip.  It was noted in BSH’s instructions as well.  It may be easier if there was a second person to help, one person can work the clip while the other gently pull on the hose to separate it from the nozzle.

Anyway, after a few “grrrrrr’s”, I got the kit installed.  The angle block from the catch can seems to sit pretty close to the belt, it just didn’t feel comfortable having something so close to the belt.  I spent some time on adjusting the can to a position where angle block would sit farther away from the belt.  I think I found a suitable position, albeit a bit unconventional, as seen in the pic.  Guess time will tell how much gunk the can will catch!