Banpresto: Klan Klang (Encore Edition)

I received Klan Klan shortly after the Banpresto Sheryl Nome figure which makes Klan Klang my fourth figure. Although she was the fourth figure I collected, she will be the first figure I’ll be reviewing. Maybe I’m just bored or have nothing else better to do at the moment, but I got a bunch of figures over the past month to go along with my collection of Macross Valkyries. I’ve been wanting to complete some more photos of my Valkyries as well as write some reviews of them but never got around to it. Since these figures are stationary, I found it a bit easier to start with and so that’s where I’ll start.

This Klan Klang is made by Banpresto as part of their Ichiban Kuji (Premium Prize) figures. I’m relatively new to the scene, so I’m not too sure just how limited or exclusive these figures are – I’ve read that most of these are part of a lottery and can only be won, but some insider dealers may be able to order a certain quantity of these figures ahead of time too. The figure is roughly 25cm tall (not including the base). I’m not certain what scale she is, since this figure is based on her Macronized (in other words, giant) form. You might also be wondering why this Klan is a different color than those you may have seen, mainly her usual pink and purple uniform. Banpresto re-released this Klan as an Encore Edition, and doing so, they changed her color scheme to blue and silver. I opted for this version as I thought it looked more impressive than the pink and purple (like the Sheryl Nome figure I got before her) – I’ve always been a sucker for argent bleu color schemes.

Klan Klang, if you don’t know her, is a character from the anime Macross Frontier. She is a Meltlandi, which is a female alien race from the Macross universe. Her character in Macross Frontier is sort of a kick-back to Milia in honor of the original Macross series, and like Milia, she pilots a red Queadlunn-Rau (female power armor).

Her head is actually tilted a little forward in her pose so I had to grab the facial shots from a lower angle. Her facial expression is a little solemn if you ask me, perhaps battle weary or thinking of certain someone. From what I’ve read on forums and other reviews, not a lot of people like the sculpt of her face. It doesn’t look that bad to me, although with the solemn look and the neck piece of her uniform does make her face look a little squarish.

Moving downwards comes the most noticeable feature(s) of Klan Klang that no one can miss. I’m not too sure why her character design incorporated such large breasts, it makes the rest of her body look out of proportion. Even Milia didn’t have such large breasts while in Macronized form. That said, the sculpt on her body is nicely done, even though it’s nothing fancy. The lines on her uniform is well done and looks very clean with long flowing lines. In the below image you can see the way her head is tilted more clearly (as well as her dual torpedoes).

If you can get past the twins, you’ll find the rest of the sculpt fairly well done. Her pose really adds to her character, though her facial expression is somewhat monotone, the way she stands instills confidence, superiority and a touch of sexiness. It seems as if she just got back from battle, with one hand resting on her hips and helmet in the other, it’s as if she’s saying “Yes, I just shot down 50 Vajra – how many did you get?” The vertical lines on her suit makes her legs look long and the figure taller than she actually is (not that the figure is short by any means). The lines also help show off her curves around the waist to hips area, touching upon that look of sexiness as mentioned earlier.

Klan’s profile shots definitely shows off her body features along with the smaller details of her suit such as the wrinkles. From the left view, her breasts actually look somewhat in proportion with her body, albeit still huge. Her hair blocks her face from the sides, which adds a flair of mystery to the figure – but really, that’s not something someone will notice when they first look at this figure. The paint job on the body is done well overall, there are some rough spots and some paint splatter here and there though not that noticeable unless you’re looking really close. But if you’re comparing this to figures from Alter or GSC, the quality in craftsmanship is definitely noticeably lower. The seams of the mold isn’t offensive though and doesn’t jump out at you like some other figures. I’ve seen a number of good figures ruined by heavy mold lines running down the side of their legs and/or body – but so far the Banpresto figures that I have seem to control these mold lines fairly well.

From the rear, you can see some extra details to her suit, although it’s not really something to write home about. Her hair is well supported and it doesn’t wobble. It’s smooth and lacks detail, but I can’t say that’s a bad thing, I think it actually goes along with the rest of her smooth body suit. The only detail of interest from the rear would have to be her ass; the wrinkles of her suit (due to her pose) enhances the tightness and roundness of her rear cheeks. From what I’ve read in other figure reviews, it seems like many older figures are notorious to having flat rear-ends. But since I’ve started collecting, many (if not all) of the figures I got seem to have placed some extra attention to the buttocks area to make sure it’s rounder visually. It’s not something I would’ve normally pay that much attention to myself, but since I’m reviewing these figures, I had to. And since I’ve started paying more attention, I’ve noticed that little details like this adds to the figure overall dramatically – whether it be the wrinkles, the shape/sculpt, the shading, etc.

The Klan Klang figure comes with one accessory, which is her helmet. It looks cool in the pictures, but when looking at it closely, I found the craftsmanship on it somewhat lacking. The paint is somewhat blotchy and seam marks are more apparent. It would’ve been cool if the helmet came with a transparent visor, but it didn’t. =( Also, the helmet is definitely not in scale with her head, there’s no way she could fit her head in it. But once again, it’s not something you’ll notice or think about if you’re looking at the figure as a whole. Having her hold her helmet does add to the CLF (Coolness Looking Factor) tremendously though!

I’m not too sure why I got this Klan Klang figure exactly, perhaps it was to finish off the set with Sheryl and Ranka. Or it could be the fact I (finally) just finished watching Macross Frontier and thought her character deserves a place in my display case along with the other Macross stuff. If you’re a Macross fan, especially of Frontier, then you shouldn’t pass the chance to get this figure (either versions) if it presents itself. The figure is definitely unique and her twin torpedoes have become somewhat of a conversation starter whenever I have friends over. LOL I really wish these figure companies would start making some male figure counterparts though, like an 1/7 Alto to stand beside Sheryl and Ranka, or a Michel to stand beside Klan. Well, at least I still have my Valkyries and Destroids on display to help keep my masculinity in check. I’ll have more reviews of other figures coming, so keep an eye out!

Here are a couple more shots of Klan, the rest can be viewed in the Gallery.