Amiami Zero: Lucia

Golf is somewhat of an odd sport to me, mainly due to the way our culture revolves around it over the years. I remember years ago when golf was viewed as a really boring game and only played by stereotypical preppy types and crooked business men doing shady business deals. That is until Tiger Woods came and made golf cool, now folks young and old go and play golf for fun. That’s right, golf, fun! I mean, why not? You whack the ball as hard as you can to make it fly as far as it can and somewhere along the line you just might shout out “Pangya!” and hope the ball flies even farther.

While Tiger Woods, to me, was probably one of the defining factors of kick starting golf as a cool sport, with recent events he may have also kick started its downfall. lol What now? Now no wives will ever believe their husbands when they say they’re going out to play golf. Luckily, video game golfing can fill some of that gap should you find yourself no where to go on a beautiful sunny afternoon. And with some of the cute girls in Pangya, why not?

Pangya’s popularity may vary depending on where you’re located; honestly I didn’t know how big it was until I actually played the game on my PSP. Heck, I didn’t even know it was for free to play online – but I got the game on the PSP pretty much for free so meh! I’m glad it at least introduced me to this fun little golf game. It’s fairly simple but you get to unlock a lot of new features and customization for your character.

Lucia, here, is one of the characters in Pangya – she’s supposed to be some pop idol singer in search of rare gems for her jewelry collection. I was excited when I saw that there was going to be a figure of Lucia – I thought she was the first figure from Pangya, but I was wrong. I didn’t realize that there have been a few figures already from the series, but now that I know I think Lucia is probably the best one thus far. There was a pretty good Arin that was released a few years ago, as well as a couple of limited versions of Arin.

Lucia, here, also received a limited edition, the Midnight Lagoon version, which has her in black and pink. I opted for the regular version as I felt it had more character, but looking at the other version now, I’m starting to like it more and more. Something about that black and pink scheme is pretty sexy – not that this version of Lucia isn’t by any means. Well, sexy or slutty? It may be a hard call.

Lucia’s got the goods and she’s not afraid of showing them off – typical anime pop idol I guess. Her top is tight, accenting her cleavage even more, while the skirt is so short I don’t know why she even bothers wearing one. It does add to her sex appeal though – or slut appeal?

Thigh high stockings and uber high heels; nothing screams hooker more, but hey, I’m not complaining! Makes me wonder if this is one of her outfits in the game though – I haven’t quite gone that far (yet).

I do like the pose and overall sculpt though, it shows a playful and cheery attitude. One thing that feels a little weird to me is her forehead and the area where her hair parts. In the illustration and pre-production model, the forehead didn’t seem as large and her hair didn’t seem as flat. But on the production run, her forehead spacing seems a little larger and the front of her hair feels lacking in volume – if that’s the right way of describing it.

The other part that bothers me is her left arm, it just look really stiff to me and feels somewhat awkward. I guess she’s trying to hold her skirt down from the blowing wind?

Lucia doesn’t have many accessories on her, which is odd as her character is suppose to be in love with jewelry and such. But she has a bracelet watch on her right arm, which says 8:04 and her name backwards. I’m not sure if her name is suppose to be backwards or was that a printing mistake. :)

Her club fits loosely between her hand and the base, so it needs to positioned just right or it’ll slide out. From the look of the club, I’d guess it’s a 1W or 3W, but it is a really short club – definitely way to short for her. But I guess the sculpt had to be made this way to accomodate her kneeling pose. The head of the club is filled with sparkles in the paint – how girly.

Lucia’s skirt can be cast off by separating her upper and lower torso, the seam is conveniently hidden under her shirt. The overall feel of the figure is a little awkward without her skirt on; even though I did mention why she even bothers with a skirt that short. I guess I have now answered my own question – keep the skirt on, Lucia! Her left hand also won’t look as odd floating in mid air with the skirt on, but how anyone want to display his/her figure is not my business. I’m displaying her with the skirt on though!

Keeling down, Lucia is around 13cm in height, if she was standing up, maybe 20 something cm. So at 1/7 scale, I guess it’s fairly close.

I have to admit that the sculptor (Melting Neuron) did a nice job with the pelvic area of this figure. Though her butt isn’t as round or perky and the underwear is plain white, the way the underwear sort of grooves-in (between her legs) in a suggestive manner is rather sexy. It makes you think naughty thoughts.

While I do like this figure of Lucia – which is really out of the blue as I would’ve never expected a figure of her – there are a lot of artwork out there of Lucia that would’ve been more interesting in figure form. Doing a quick Google search you can see many pictures of Lucia, two of them that stand out for me are these two:

If the one with the Lambo ever comes out, I’d be so over it. It’d make a nice race queen type figure, but will probably cost an arm and a leg. The second one in the black white and pink sort of resembles the limited version of this Lucia, but I think the pose and style in that picture is much better than the stiffer looking Lucia here.

You may have noticed the pictures throughout the review have slightly different contrast and colour balance – unfortunately that’s what happens when I work on these pictures on separate computers (one calibrated and one not). lol I’ve been wanting to get this review done for the longest time and I’m glad I’m finally able to get this out of the way! Poor Lucia has been sitting in the corner waiting for her day in the spotlight, well, now here’s her time to shine!

Pangya Power! =)