Alter: KOS-MOS (swimsuit ver.)

Alter + KOS-MOS + Swimsuit = WIN

Seriously, I think I can just leave it at that, post some pictures and call it a day.

I think it’s fair to say I’m not alone when I say that I’m a fan of KOS-MOS. There’s something about her character design that just screams hotness. Is it the hair? Her form? Or the way she kicks major ass with her assortment of weaponry? Well, one thing that I do know is that I like the more mature artwork of this character – meaning she doesn’t look like twelve and I don’t have to feel like a pedophile. :-P I’m not going to go into much detail about her background since just about everyone knows who she is. But if you don’t, hit up the Wikipedia entry on her.

I don’t normally care for swimsuit figures as I find them pretty boring. But since Alter is my favourite figure company and KOS-MOS being one of my all-time favourite characters, I couldn’t pass this up! This 1/6 PVC figure was sculpted by Futasu Shito and was released about a year ago, I was surprised to find this figure still floating around online with the original release price. Thought this figure would’ve seen some sort of price inflation by now like many of the other figures that I got. Yeah, being late to the party sucks…

This sculpt on this figure is great, her body is posed naturally and the suimsuit design is very creative. While this creation doesn’t follow one of the KOS-MOS versions, I think the swimsuit style resembles the scale plating from version 1. The body, however, looks to be version 4 mainly due to the hair style. The swimsuit looks hi-tech while it clings to her body in a very appealing manner.

One thing I don’t like about this figure is how the head is tilted downwards. That, in conjunction with her long hair, covers most of her face when looking at the figure straight on. Her iconic red eyes also seem darker on this figure and the shadows cast by her hair doesn’t help either. The hair is very detailed, however, with many strands from top to bottom.

The hair is also translucent, which looks pretty cool and it’s got a slight gloss which makes the hair look wet under certain lighting conditions. It doesn’t bother me much, but I think there are fans out there that don’t like these translucent plastic on figures. The hair that’s sticking up is a little weird (and common to these anime figures) – it’s fine if you don’t pay close attention to it, but if you start staring at it, it starts to look really out of place. Luckily there are usually other eye candies on these figures to draw your attention away from that antenna of theirs.

I also like the little yellow ribbons around her body which help give off that “bikini” effect. It also compliments the blue/gray/purple colour scheme very well.

The two buns on her head also looks out of place, too, if you stare at it long enough – but at a glance it doesn’t look bad. In fact, it’s kind of cute.

The mandarin collar makes the swimsuit look like a Chinese dress, especially with the design patterns.

I love the way this suit clings to the body – it covers up parts of the body but reveals enough to give it sex appeal. The pattern on the suit also looks fluid to me – sometimes it looks like water patterns and other times it looks like floral patterns. But at the same time, the pattern also feels hi-tech as previously mentioned, like some sort of futuristic armour. I find the downward angle of the suit around the hips also accentuates her body form. The paintwork on the skin is superb, with gradual shading on parts of the body where required.

I think I can stare at this image all day and not get tired. :-P

Here’s a shot of the ribbons on her legs, overall very clean paint work. Notice the gradual shading of the skin around the ribbons. I also like the fact the skin is angled inwards where the ribbons are to give the effect that it’s tied to the body. Subtle details such as this is what makes Alter figures great.

KOS-MOS also comes with an optional ankle bracelet so you can mount one of her daggers. I opted to put this on KOS-MOS, no matter how sexy she is, at the end of the day, she’s still a killing machine. ^_^’ The bracelet was a little difficult to attach, however, because it is so form fitting and tight. You have to attach it at the right location and angle on the leg otherwise the two little nubs won’t go into the holes properly. The dagger is also attached fairly loosely to the bracelet and is prone to falling off at the slightest touch. Alter probably figured this would happen so the box actually came with two daggers. The best way to fix the problem is to just glue the dagger on.

And here’s proof of Alter’s attention to detail as previously stated, and why I like Alter so much. Notice how the nailpolish is painted actually ON the nails! I hate it when painters put a blob of paint over the nail and fingers/toes and call it a day, it makes the figure look messy and low class. And notice the lack of overlapping paint around her ankles and feet – this is probably one of the cleanest figures I have in my collection.

And a profile shot of KOS-MOS, she looks pretty much the same way from the other side. I like the way the hair is being raised by her arms so it doesn’t completely block the back of her body. The figure is also fairly balanced, so I didn’t attach her to the stand when taking pictures – but she WILL fall over if you touch her ever so slightly – so attaching her to the display base is still recommended when displaying her.

The body looks a little on the thin side to me, but it’s not as bad as Sora (IMO). I thought Sora was really thin. Or maybe I’m just being biased because this is KOS-MOS? :-D I do like that waistline though!

The back of KOS-MOS is mostly covered, typical of long haired figures. But due to the way her translucent hair is stranded, you can see through slightly. Sculpting all that hair must’ve been a pain! The ends are pretty sharp though and can probably poke an eye out, so becareful! =P There is also some slight shading with the hair between gray and purple which looks pretty good under certain lighting conditions.

Taking a closer look at the rear end, I’m glad to say it’s very well sculpted. It’s round and shaped realistically – unlike may other figures that are prone to flat butts. Probably one of the best sculpted rear ends I’ve seen thus far and at 1/6 scale too!

Overall, this is one of my favourite figures in my collection, the build quality is simply excellent and the paint work is top notch. The only downside is the way her head is tilted and you can’t see her signature red eyes easily. If you are on the fence about getting this figure, stop tormenting yourself and just get it before it’s gone! There is an alternate version that was released as an exclusive based on the T-elos skin. But the average price I’ve seen for that is around $250, which is insane if you ask me.

This a pretty popular figure so there are a number of reviews around such as Exelica-Meteor, WaWaWa, Polyvinyl Crush, Vision of Vixion and Akibahobby (Japanese) – but as usual you may have seen them already since I’m a year behind. LOL

As for the photos, I decided to do something different with KOS-MOS, so I dumped some water on her (since she’s in a swimsuit). I wanted to use a spray for smaller beads, but I just coudn’t find one at the time. I also did this to my review of Sora Kasugano, but I posted that review first due to other circumstances.