The Author

The site administrator and main author of all posts and photos usually go by the blog name “VF”.  It’s no surprise what VF stands for, but an interesting coincidence occurs with the acronym, as it also represents Variable Fighter (commonly known as the Valkyrie) in Macross, which is the author’s favourite anime series.  Hence his common blog avatar is of a VF-1J in battroid mode (although those in the know will recongnize the photo is actually from Robotech).  VF also commonly goes by the name Phalanix, which is more of an inside joke on the word phalanx.  People ask him all the time what it means, but really it has no meaning.  It’s not even a real word.  He’s thought about reverting the blogging name back to Phalanix, but that might just serve to confuse people more.

Site Evolution

VF’s first taste of HTML started back in the mid 90′s, when he co-hosted an anime fan site called Sailor Neptune’s Shrine of the Sea.  Yeah, it was dedicated to one of the Sailor Moon characters, VF is still traumatized by it to this date.  He often visited WBS back then along with his co-host, Starlover, in channel D where all the anime fanatics hung out.  Along the way, VF branched off and created a few more hobby related sites that he rather not remember.

VisualFanfare.com evolved to what it is today after a few re-iterations and merger of other websites.  VF first started out with a photo gallery hosted at f20c.com, which later got moved to mediumdose.com hosted by his friend.  VF later felt he preferred to create his own site in his own voice, so thus came VF’s first photoblog website, darkaperture.com.  At the time, VF and a few of his friends had planned on opening their own photo studio.  But due to VF’s full time job and unforseen personal events, the studio idea was put on hold, though VF still works on photography contracts/projects when available.

Since the photography business has taken a backseat in priority, VF decided to merge his photoblog and photo work together into one site, thus the start of visualfanfare.com.  VF wanted something different in an URL, something that reflected his hobbies and passion.  The name, to VF, is more cheerful and carefree – something along the lines of a visual celebration.

The tag line, “See with your ears, Hear with your eyes”, came from a quote by his highschool music teacher.  VF thought it worked appropriately well with the site name.  If you’re having a hard time grasping the meaning, you have to relate it to a musician playing in a band or orchestra.  You have to use your ears to judge the other musicians’ pace, thus it’s like seeing with your ears.  And with your eyes, you are reading the music sheet and observing the conductor.  In a sense, you’re listening with your eyes what the the conductor is telling you.



VF’s interest in anime started ever since he was little and carried on to this day.  His focus was primarily on the Macross franchise and seldomly deviated from that path.  The figure collecting started in late 2010, spawned by CM Corp’s Lynn Minmay figure than the MegaHouse Sheryl Nome figure.  What was already an unhealthy Macross Valkyrie collection has now been compounded by an unhealthy figure collection.  VF decided to start doing reviews for these toys and figures as they were an interesting subject to photograph.  Though VF really intended to do more reviews on the Macross based toys, time constraint pushed for more figure centric reviews as they required less time to photograph and write about.

Other hobbies include airsoft, cars, gaming and photography.  VF is commonly known by his regular callsign, Phalanix, in airsoft and have been with the hobby for roughly 8 years.  Though recent years have him seeing less and less action due to life demands and other hobbies.  VF became more involved in the car scene when he finally got his own car in 2007, the pumpkin mobile as he dubs it, is a VW GTI Fahrenheit which surprisingly hasn’t broken down yet!

Then naturally there’s the hobby for photography, which VF has always been interested in as a child.  Given his involvement with the other hobbies, photography has become an integral part of his daily life.  Taking photos at local automotive events, airsoft games, anime figures have all become the norm and are now what drives this website.