A battle of two fronts

So lately I haven’t been keeping up with my postings due to many factors, mainly due to taking care of the baby. But I’ve also been keeping up with other hobbies, such as the continual modification of my GTI, collection of anime figures and Macross Valks. Resources ($) is unfortunately running low so it’s getting harder and harder to concentrate on what to purchase. Best bet is to not purchase anything at all, but then what would be the fun in that?

I also wanted to update my blog with my experience in China when I went there on vacation, I had intended to update it day by day, but there simply wasn’t any time. Plus, I didn’t have Photoshop on that laptop so I couldn’t edit and resize the photos. I’ll get in more on that at a later date though.

For reviews of the figures and such, you can hit up the review section of the site this site that you’re already at (since the update)!

Today, I’m going to do a little update on the GTI, since there’s been a few changes. I still haven’t lowered it yet, but that should be rectified soon enough. Currently, I’ve put the OSIR lip back on as I felt it flowed with the rest of my car more than the Votex. I also got the new OSIR plastic vented fog covers, but I couldn’t decide what to paint it. I have the carbon fiber version, but that would require me to drill into the front bumper, which I haven’t decided on doing yet. The new OSIR plastic fog covers mounts on using the stock screw, so it’s much more user friendly.

Initially I painted the fog covers black myself, it didn’t turn out glossy enough after the clear coat so I got Pae @ 360 Auto to re-do it for me. The new gloss matched the front grille much better, but looked a little bit off when mated with my new 3M carbon fiber wrap on the hood (since that’s dry carbon). Also it feels there may be too much black up front, so now I’m having Pae to repaint them to orange to match the body. I’m not too sure how that’ll turn out, maybe too much orange? I had tried to get ShinzoWerks to wrap the fog cover in the 3M cf vinyl too, but I had put too much wax and polish on it that the vinyl wouldn’t stick properly. So let’s see what happens with the colour matched fog covers…

Also, the 3M DiNoc carbon fiber vinyl was put on recently, unfortunately it only comes in dry cf and not glossy. I thought I’d give it a try to see how it would look on the car, it’s not bad, but I think would’ve been better glossy to match the rest of my car. I’m planning on getting an OSIR carbon fiber hood further down the road anyway, so this’ll do for now. The 3M wrap is pretty tough stuff, it’s thick and you can feel the textures in it – at the very least, it’ll help protect my hood from further rock chips courtesy of the 400-series highway.

That said, here are some pics of how the car looks currently: